Best of UAE

Stand on top of the world


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Boasting man-made palm shaped islands and malls the size of hamlets, Dubai is a tourist magnet with even Hollywood flocking to its sand-dunes!

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United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

With towering structures, theme parks dedicated to supercars, and luxury cruises along the coast, Abu Dhabi’s opulence sometimes outdoes its neighbour, Dubai.

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United Arab Emirates

Ras Al Khaimah

Besides the much-raved about Emirati hospitality, Ras Al Khaimah boasts of golden beaches, deserts, historic forts, and dinner platters fit for a king.

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United Arab Emirates


Though Sharjah may have left the glitz and glamour to its Emirati brothers, it stands tall with its numerous art galleries, museums, and old souks.

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Best of Asia

From Disneyland to pub-crawls



An extraordinary landscape where soothing green spaces jostle with museums, world-class hotels, and award winning restaurants – the city is thrumming with life.

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The gateway to Thailand, Bangkok is city of temples and palaces with a heady nightlife, bustling shopping areas, and home to some the best Asian food.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With its picturesque hiking trails, luxury shopping spaces, and soaring skyline, Hong Kong has something for everyone, including foodies (dim sum anyone?)

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Kuala Lumpur

If Kuala Lumpur’s towering buildings don’t dazzle you, look beyond them to the mysterious caves, beautiful temples, bird parks, and kitschy street markets.

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From religious shrines to neon-lit skyscrapers, royal palaces to glitzy bars, Tokyo is the coming together of everything that’s old and new.

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Classic Europe

Truly European experiences, handpicked

United Kingdom


With its medieval castles and palaces, pubs serving heady drinks, the world’s most admired museums, London is the archetype of everything British (humor included).

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Gothic cathedrals, whimsical public parks, and art galleries with Picasso’s paintings, and a thriving nightlife. Barcelona is like no other city in the world.

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Once a small fishing village, Amsterdam is now home to iconic art museums, buildings designed in strict Dutch fashion, and more canals than even Venice!

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A sensory feast, Paris is all about charming cafes, alluring alleyways, delicious freshly baked bread, incredible cheese, and arguably some of the best wine in Europe.

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With modern, contemporary art and graffiti making its presence felt, the art scene in the world’s renaissance capital is constantly evolving (just like its wine!).

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