Why Air Arabia Flights Are A Popular Choice for Flying to UAE

Air Arabia is a low-cost airline with high global standards and thus is a popular option for those flying to the United Arab Emirates. UAE has something to offer to every kind of traveler. Boasting of an iconic skyline and the world’s best and the biggest buildings, tourists come here to explore some landmark attractions, such as Abu Dhabi”s modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Dubai”s towering Burj Khalifa. Gaze at those skyscrapers, bask on the magnificent sandy shores or lose yourself in the wonderful shopping experiences. It is no wonder why UAE has become a favorite destination for family holidays among people across the world.

About Air Arabia

Owing to its superior service and convenient flights, Air Arabia has become a major low-cost carrier flying to the Middle East. Air Arabia flights connect to North Africa, Asia and Europe besides the Middle East. You can look forward to comfort and reliable air travel across their network that includes more than 155 destinations spread across the world. Undoubtedly, their flights to the Arab Emirates are the most sought after. One can look forward to well-equipped cabin interiors with top-notch services, and ample legroom that makes the flight a lot more comfortable.

With several entertainment channels and great food choices, the airline has set high benchmarks for services in the airline industry internationally. What makes Air Arabia flights the top choice among passengers are value for money services, great offers and deals, and the lowest possible fares. For example, the “Where Next” program allows one to pick their next destination at their own convenience at discounted rates and with better and updated services.

Exploring UAE

The three major and the most popular destinations in UAE are Dubai, Sharjah ,and Abu Dhabi. The best time to fly to UAE is during the winter months when the weather is a lot more pleasant than summers. Take advantage of Air Arabia flights to UAE to explore the country and its cities. Hundreds and thousands of passengers fly to UAE via Air Arabia flightsand enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, both on the ground and on-board. With multiple check-in options, one not only saves time and effort but can also enjoy a convenient and hassle free booking for the whole family or especially when making a group booking.

Easier to book with the new mobile website

  • Flight booking: Air Arabia boasts of a state-of-the-art mobile website that allows its passengers to do online booking on their smartphone, no matter where they are. It is indeed a simple and easy way to access important travel information. Now passengers can book their tickets while on the go, check travel details and flights, view reservations, change or cancel flights, book check-in baggage, and do much more using the app. The user-friendly mobile website of the airline continues to offer additional services and information to make the travel experience with Air Arabia even more pleasant and convenient. An enhanced online check-in facility is available for various destinations. The airline plans to add more languages to the new mobile website. At present, one can find only English and Arabic languages being offered.
  • Online Check-in: The new booking channel allows customers to connect to a broader distribution and payment channels such as call center, sales shops, travel agents, cash collection and more. The new online check-in facility is no longer restricted to passengers travelling from Sharjah to check-in 12 hours before their flight. Now, they can check-in as early as 24 hours prior to their booked flight. The Air Arabia airline is immensely popular because of its impeccable service standards and highly customisable travel experience.
  • Meal booking: Another advancement is the improved online menu that allows the customers to book their meals in advance, and can pick from a large variety of food and beverage items. Air Arabia serves several international cuisines on board, and passengers can enjoy hot meals as well as light snacks at very affordable prices. You can shop for duty-free items and gifts for your friends, family or business associates too at highly discounted prices.
  • In-flight services: Air Arabia’s in-flight services are truly impressive, and the passengers can select from a wide range of movies, sporting adventures, comedy series, and other channels. Air Arabia’s unique “Fun Onboard” programme adds to the whole fun experience and motivates the passengers to share their talents, such as singing and dancing. Children and toddlers are kept busy for hours with a selection of fun-filled activities like drawing and painting. Thus, passengers and families with children remain engrossed in exciting activities while on board with Air Arabia.

Take advantage of the special deals by the low-cost carrier and look for the cheapest Air Arabia flight tickets to UAE from your destination. Today, Air Arabia is looked upon as a leading carrier for both international and domestic travel.

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