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Riyadh Hotels

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Almuhaidb Olaya

Free Cancellation ₹ 4260

OYO 146 Al Asemah Hotel Riyadh

Free Cancellation ₹ 3944

Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana

₹ 20803
4.5 Excellent


₹ 32567
4.0 Very Good

Madareem Crown Hotel

₹ 9836

Makarim Riyadh Hotel

Free Breakfast ₹ 8755
3.5 Good

Holiday Inn Meydan

₹ 8615

Al Faisaliah Resorts & Spa

Free Breakfast ₹ 18105

Al Faisaliah Suites

₹ 32830

Narcissus Hotel & Residence Riyadh

₹ 17686
4.5 Excellent

Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention

₹ 15085
4.0 Very Good

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya

Check Price
4.5 Excellent

Movenpick Hotel Riyadh

₹ 8302
4.0 Very Good

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya

₹ 10299
4.5 Excellent

Holiday Inn Riyadh - Al Qasr

Free Breakfast ₹ 8894
3.5 Good

Fraser Suites Riyadh

Check Price
4.5 Excellent

Al Faisaliah Suites

₹ 30658
4.5 Excellent

Vivienda Hotel Villas Granada

₹ 147841
5.0 Excellent

Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khaldia

  • Among the top 15% hotels booked on Cleartrip
₹ 5713
3.5 Good

Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

₹ 22888
4.5 Excellent
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Travelling to Riyadh: The Historical City

The Capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is also the largest and the most populous city of Saudi Arabia. This city is situated on the large plateau of Arabian Peninsula and is known for contemporary and Islamic architecture. Riyadh is home to a number of historical sites like Al Murabba'a Historical Palace, Al Musmak Castle and the City of Old Diriyah. Some other top tourist destinations include Al Faisaliya Tower, Wadi Hanifa, King Abdulaziz Historical Center and the Riyadh National Zoo.

Hotel booking tips

  • Season to book Riyadh Hotels: Hotel rates are cheap during the summer season, as the temperature is too hot for people to enjoy outdoors. Many hotels offer amazing deals during this period to attract more visitors. Hotels rates are most expensive during the peak season, which is between the months of December and February. Do not wait until the last minute, instead book well in advance to get the best rates.

  • Location of Riyadh Hotels: Location is one of the main determiners of hotel pricing, so, if you are looking for a cheaper hotel, then it is better to choose a hotel that is little away from the main city area. Riyadh city is well connected by buses, taxis etc. So, you can save money by not booking a hotel at a fancy location and instead spend on one that is a little away from the main city and come cheap.

  • Riyadh Hotels in Budget: Set your budget before planning your trip. Travel booking website like Cleartrip has pricing as one of their search criteria. Through this, you can find the best hotel in Riyadh within your budget.

  • Reviews of Hotels in Riyadh: While booking a hotel remember to check the reviews about the hotel online or from someone whom you know personally who has visited the hotel in the past. Reviews will give you a better idea about the facilities and services offered by the hotel.

Best localities to book hotels in Riyadh

  • Hotels in/near Central Riyadh-Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khaldia and Al Waha Palace hotel are two hotels located in Central Riyadh. Both of these hotels can be booked online via Cleartrip. This area is around 34 km away from the King Khalid International Airport.

  • Hotels in/near Al Olaya District- Al Olaya District is at a distance of 37 km from the Riyadh International Airport. Some of the hotels located in this locality are Coral Olaya Hotel, Carawan Al Fahed Hotel, Rosh Rayhaan Hotel, Aloft Riyadh and many others.

  • Hotels in/near Al Wizarat- Al Wizarat is 37 km away from the Riyadh International Airport. Radisson Blue Hotel and Ramada Riyadh are two premium hotels located in Al Wizarat area.

  • Hotels in/near Ad Dirah-Ad Dirah is approximately 45 km away from King Khalid International Airport. Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh and Corp Inn Deira are two hotels which is located in Ad Dirah.

How to reach Riyadh?

By Air: King Khalid International Airport is the nearest airport. The airport runs frequent flights from and to almost all major cities of the world like Mumbai, London, France, Jeddah, Manila, and Istanbul.

By Road: The roads in Riyadh are well maintained and you can easily drive in from Egypt, Jordia, Turkey and Syria. You can also hire white and orange taxis or yellow taxis.

By Train: There are two passenger and cargo lines between Riyadh and Dammam which is operated by the Saudi Railway Authority.

By Bus: One can reach Riyadh by International bus services. There is also a regular SAPTCO (Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company) bus service.

Price range of hotels in Riyadh

Cleartrip offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of hotels in Riyadh based on the budget. Starting from SAR 78 up to SAR 4149, you can choose a hotel in Riyadh depending on the type of hotel, price and facilities.

Must visit dining places in Riyadh

  • The Globe- Al Faisaliah Tower

  • Elements- Al Urubah Road

  • Spazio-Al Olaya

  • The Najd Village-Al Wahah

  • Set Al Sham-Olya

  • Mirage Restaurant-North West Riyadh

  • Lusin-Al Olaya

  • Taste of India Restaurant-Batha Main Str

  • Fairuz Garden-Al Olaya

  • Al Nakheel-Olaya Rd

  • Tao Lounge-Tahlia Street

Places of interest

  • Masmak Citadel- It is like a museum located in the center of Riyadh. It is one of the top favourite and must visit destination in Riyadh.

  • Kingdom Centre Tower- The 41 storey building contains a shopping mall and the Four Seasons Hotel. There is also a 184 ft skybridge atop the skyscraper. It is considered to be one of the major landmarks in Riyadh.

  • Riyadh Zoo- One of the largest zoo in Saudi Arabia has elephants, giraffes, monkeys, camels etc. It also has a train ride ad lot of kiosks inside.

  • National Museum- The state-of-the art museum is one of the top museums in Middle East. The museum is done with modern architecture and latest technology, and also has well informed and informative galleries.

Interesting facts about Riyadh

Culture: Riyadh is a very conservative city. Traditions and customs of Riyadh are of great interest to foreign guests. The city is a perfect blend of traditional Arab culture and modern development.

People: The native people are warm, traditional and orthodox. The men wear a long shirt-dress along with a head scarf while women wear black-coloured burkha and hijab.

Language: Arabic is the national language of UAE, while English is used as a second language.

Food: Their local cuisine include lamb, rice, wheat, chicken, yogurt, potatoes and dates. Foods that one should definitely try in Riyadh are shawarma, kabsah, sambosa, kebabs and felafel.

Shopping: One can visit traditional markets to buy beautiful handicrafts, Persian rugs, leather goods and handbags, and local jewellery or else visit upscale malls like Al Faisaliah and Al Mamlaka on Olaya Road to shop Gucci, D&G, and Versace. Some of the other popular malls include Sahara Mall on King Abdul Aziz Road, and Granada Mall near the airport. Since shopping in Riyadh is tax-free, so you can find good deals on certain luxury brands and high-end products.

Nearest places to visit

  • Al Kharj-It is 77 km from Riyadh.

  • Hofuf- It is at a distance of 296 km from Riyadh.

  • Buraydah-It is 340 km from Riyadh.

  • Khobar- Distance between Riyadh and Khobar is 392 km.

  • Dammam-Distance between Dammam and Riyadh is 392 km.


Riyadh experiences very hot and humid climate. The summer season is from April to October and the hottest months are July and August. The minimum temperature is 8 degree Celsius while the maximum goes up to 25 degree Celsius. Winter season is pleasant with occasional rainfall and hailstorms. November to March is the best time to visit Riyadh and for sightseeing.

Best time to book hotels in Riyadh

The best time to visit Riyadh is during the winter months- November to March.



November to March

The weather is milder and much pleasant for tourists to explore this exotic city. This is also the best time to participate in various activities like buggy riding. Apart from the weather, Al Janadriyah Festival is held during this period which attracts lot of crowd. Thus, due to the peak season, hotel rates go really high. You should book well in advance to get the best rates.

April to October

These summer months are really hot and humid making it very difficult for people to explore the city and outdoor activities. Hotels offer discounts to attract the crowd during this time.

Popular Events and Festivals

  • Al Janadriyah Festival- It is Saudi Arabia’s biggest folk and cultural festival, held in the month of February for two weeks. The festival takes place in Janadriyah, about 30 miles from Riyadh. Some of the highlights of this festival are horse and camel races.

  • Riyadh Shopping Festival- The shopping festival is held during the summer vacation and usually lasts for a period of 30 days. The main aim of this festival is to maintain a high level of shopping and tourism during the summer break.

  • Ramadan-Ramadan is a festival which is celebrated in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. During this festival, Muslims observe fast till evening.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr- This is the final day of fasting month of Ramadan. Prayers, large feasts and celebration are part of this festival.

  • Eid al-Adha-It is another important festival for Muslims which lasts for four days.

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