Why Cleartrip?

As simple as it can get

Five reasons to be a part of Cleartrip

1. The value of an idea

Here, an idea has utmost respect…even more than free pizza! The seed of ideation might originate with any one, but it always develops within the whole team.

License to innovate

2. Hunger for more

Our work is only 99% complete, because let’s face it — there’s always scope to better it. After all perfection is not easy to attain!

License to innovate

3. A home away from home

Caring, fun and affectionate, the family at Cleartrip just gets bigger! Awards, appreciation, support and camaraderie…we make you feel right at home.

License to innovate

4. A change per day

Be part of a team where innovation breeds 24/7. Meeting room, work desk, pantry or lounge, your license to think out-of-the-ordinary is valid everywhere!

License to innovate

5. Simple is not just simple

Learn the complexities of being simple. The smaller things that make the big difference.

License to innovate

Perks & Benefits

  •  Family medical insurance
  •  Accident & disability coverage
  •  24 paid leaves & 10 public holidays
  •  Paid maternity & paternity leaves
  •  State of the art gymnasium
  •  Flexible working hours
  •  Library memberships & more
  •  Discounts on travel

Excited to be a part of the trip?

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