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Book now and pay later with CBI!

Book any flight, hotel or package of your choice on www.cleartrip.ae for AED 1000 or more and pay in 3 easy installments with 0% interest fee,  with your Commercial Bank International Credit Card!

How to book and avail 0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP)?

  1. Book any flight, hotel or package worth AED 1000 or more for any travel date of your choice.
  2. Make your payment with CBI Credit card.
  3. To avail 0% EPP & convert the booking into easy installments of 3 months, you need to call CBI on 800 224 and provide them with the Trip ID.
  4. Valid for bookings until 19th April 2021. Dates of travel are completely open.
  5. CBI will convert your booking into 3 months installments.

Cleartrip and CBI will not convert any transaction into 0% EPP in the following scenarios:

  • where the Cardholder calls CBI after the Date of Billing Cycle.
  • where the Cardholder has cancelled the booking (in part or full).
  • where the Cardholder does not call CBI.

So Hurry! Book now!


Anything else you need to know?

  • Offer is valid on all flights, hotels and packages (flights+hotels) available on www.cleartrip.ae or by making a phone call to Cleartrip at its customer service number booked using any CBI Credit card only.
  • To qualify you must book a flight or hotel or package (flight + hotel) worth AED 1000 or more in a single transaction. You cannot combine two or more separate transactions
  • To avail this Offer, you need to call CBI to request the conversion into 0% EPP Offer and provide the relevant Trip Id as issued for the booking by Cleartrip.
  • In case of amendment or cancellations (part or full), there will be no refund of the original booking amount
  • The 0% Easy Payment Plan is offered by CBI, Cleartrip is not responsible for any change in the 0% Easy Payment Plan or the consequences thereof.
  • Cleartrip shall not in any way be held responsible for any disputes that arise between the Cardholders and CBI.
  • This Offer cannot be clubbed with any other Cashback offer on www.cleartrip.ae. Also the Offer is not valid for any flight or hotel booking made on Cleartrip India website i.e. www.cleartrip.com.
  • Cleartrip reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer anytime at the sole discretion of its management.
  • The terms and conditions of this Offer are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • The product and services offered by Cleartrip MEA FZ LLC are governed by the terms of use prescribed by Cleartrip on its site www.cleartrip.ae as amended from time to time.
  • Disputes are subject to jurisdiction of UAE Courts only.