Refer a friend by sharing your referral link



Earn for every 1st booking your referrals complete



Spend it either on local or travel



Don't stop, repeat!

When your friend installs & signs-up on our app, they enjoy AED50 off on their first booking. After they successfully utilize their first booking, you will receive wallet cash back of AED 50. You can spend it either on travel or a local activity– the choice is yours, who are we to tell!

With the referral earnings, you can fund your next trip or you can choose to attend concerts, eat out with friends & family, relax in a spa, get fit in the gym, or experience bungee jumping.

How does it work?
  • Download the Cleartrip App for iOS or Android version
  • Get your unique referral link from the profile/account section
  • Share the link by clicking on the “Share your link” button
  • When your friend installs & signs-up on our app, they will receive a coupon code worth AED 50 for their first booking
  • For every first booking your friends successfully utilize, you enjoy AED 50 cashback in your Cleartrip Wallet