Things to do in London on a budget



It is widely assumed that London is one of the expensive cities in the world to live in but as a tourist on a limited budget don’t let that put you off for if you plan your trip properly then you will discover that there is a lot that you can do in London in a limited budget.

If sight-seeing is on your agenda, do remember to opt for self-guided walking tours or bus tours. You can start off by exploring the eight royal parks in London known for its well-manicured green patches, lakes and other family pursuits. Remember to visit the picturesque St James Park known for its collection of water birds, owls, woodpeckers, and bats. A pelican feeding ritual is conducted every day. Stop by Kensington Gardens known for its gorgeous trees and ornamental flower beds. Later you can also stop by the tranquil Bushy Park. Next, you can witness some of London’s major landmarks from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge by taking the Thames Path. If you plan on visiting London’s iconic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, do opt for a tourist discount pass. Remember to walk up to Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew or the Hampton Court Palace.

If you are an art aficionado, then discover some outstanding art for free at the National Gallery, Tate Gallery, among others. Check out the free theater, film screening by the river at the world-class outdoor amphitheater, The Scoop or observe the street performers at the Covent Garden. Don’t miss London’s West End if you are a serious theatre lover. Look up for offers on the Metro newspaper or the social media platforms; alternatively, try to go for a group booking to get a discount.

For shopping, head to Oxford Street, also known as the heart of London’s shopping center, where you can pick up clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you enjoy bargain markets, London is the place for you for it has some of the best bargain markets. Stop by Camden Market if you are looking for something quirky or adventurous, also don’t forget to visit the Portobello market to check out their vast selection of jewelry, artifacts, books or clothes.

For food lovers, London has a diverse range of eateries for different budget groups. If you are on a limited budget, London’s street food is a very popular and satisfying option. Remember to buy the taste card to get discounts across restaurants, including major chains. Pubs are terrific options for those looking for a taste of good but inexpensive British grub. Lastly, if you are visiting London in June, remember to visit Queen Mary’s garden in Regent’s Park where you can marvel at a collection of roses in full bloom.