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UAE Visa Rules

In addition to attracting thousands of tourists every year, Dubai has also emerged out as one of the major commercial hubs across the globe. Considering this, a large number of people visit Dubai every month for business or leisure. With an aim to welcome all visitors, the country has kept its Dubai visa rules pretty easy and liberal. UAE visa rules are varied for various countries. Here are some UAE visit visa rules

Visit Visa Rules in Dubai for Different Countries

  • GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council. GCC countries include Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman. Citizens of these countries traveling to Dubai do not require a visa at all. Qatar is also a GCC country, but Dubai has suspended its diplomatic relations with it and its citizens are not allowed to enter Dubai or anywhere in UAE.
  • Citizens of Israel are also not allowed to enter Dubai or anywhere in UAE.
  • EU signed a short-stay visa agreement with UAE, under which people holding a Schengen country passport can get a visa-on-arrival when they enter a UAE city. They are allowed to stay in UAE for 90 to 180 days.
  • Citizens of some countries can get a 30-days visa-on-arrival. Such countries include Ireland, China, the US, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Russia and some others.
  • Indian citizens with a US green card or visa can get a visa-on-arrival for 14 days.
  • Citizens of certain countries can easily get a 90-day visa on arrival, extendable and non-extendable depending on the nationality.
  • A local sponsor living in UAE will need to apply for a visa on behalf of the visitor. If you are a tourist, your travel agency can sponsor your visa.

Dubai Visit Visa Rules for Sponsoring Visa

You can visit the UAE embassy in your country to apply for a Dubai visa. Other than that, any person living in the UAE or a local hotel in the country can also sponsor your visa. Any travel agent or UAE hotel can make your booking and send a copy to sponsor your visa. If you are traveling to UAE for work, then your employer can sponsor your work visa. Crew members of airlines can get 96 hours transit visa when sponsored by their airline.

UAE Visa Rules for Application

If you are planning to apply for a UAE visa, your sponsor in UAE will have to visit the immigration department that issued their visa of residence. There, they need to pay the visa fee and fill in the application form. Then they need to submit the required documents and start the visa processing. Visa is usually issued in a couple of days. Once the sponsor receives your visa, they can send it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a visa-on-arrival?

According to Dubai visit visa new rules, travelers from certain countries are entitled to get visa-on-arrival. When you reach the Dubai International Airport by flight, reach your airline’s immigration counter and get your passport stamped with a 30 days visa-on-arrival or 90 days visa-on-arrival.

I’ve applied for a Dubai visa. How much time it would take for approval?

Usually, it takes around 3-4 days to process a visa. Once paid, any visa fee is not refundable.

I want visa urgently. I can’t wait for 3-4 days. What can I do?

Issuing a visa usually takes around 3-4 days. But if you need an urgent visa, then you can pay extra urgent processing fees while applying for the visa. This entitles you to get same day visa.

My passport is about to expire. How much validity is needed to get a Dubai visa?

Your passport should be valid for minimum 6 months before you plan to exit from UAE. If your passport’s validity is less than 6 months, then you may be denied boarding a UAE flight or you may even be denied to enter the city when you arrive at the UAE airport. So, make sure that you have the required validity before you book your flight.

My sponsor in Dubai does not reside in the same emirate which issued his residence visa. Can he visit any other emirate in the country to sponsor my visa?

Yes. Your sponsor can apply for your visa in another emirate too, provided that he has good reasons to do so. He will need to show proof of living in another emirate too, such as his telephone bill, tenancy contract, labor card or DEWA. But the authorities still hold the right to ask the sponsor to visit the same emirate that issued his own visa.

My sponsor received my visa, but he can’t send me the original. Can a copy work?

Your sponsor can send you a copy of your visa, but he will need to deposit the original at the Dubai airport at least 3 hours before your arrival.

My spouse in Dubai wants to sponsor me. What are the related Dubai visit visa rules for the same?

If your spouse is sponsoring you, then a marriage certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE is required. The country’s embassy in your locality may also attest the document. Then your spouse will have to submit this certificate in the embassy and get your visa to send it to you.

I am an Israeli citizen. I want to visit Dubai. Why am I not allowed to do that?

UAE does not recognize Israel as a state, due to which UAE does not allow Israeli passport holders to enter their country. The restrictions were further tightened after the assassination of Mahbouh in Dubai, which was believed to be an act of Israeli intelligence. So, for the time being, you are not allowed to visit Dubai.

What will happen if I stay in Dubai even after my visa’s validity?

Usually, you are given a grace period of 10 days after your visa’s validity. But you may be required to pay a penalty per day for this period. If you plan to stay even longer, you will have to check with the emirates whether your visa is renewable or not.

How can I track my visa application status?

You can either visit your embassy and check your visa application status or enter your reference number and passport validity date to track its status online.

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