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Dubai Tourist Visas

If you want to travel to Dubai on holidays and your country doesn’t fall under the category of visa-free country then to enjoy your holidays in Dubai, you need a tourist visa. Any eligible citizen can acquire a tourist visa of Dubai from across the world. The visitor visa is the most widespread short-term Dubai visa that is granted by the Dubai government.

Females below 18 years are eligible for tourist visa only if they are traveling with their parents. Children under 18 years are eligible for a free visa if they visit between 15th July and 15th September each year with the adult guardians. This visa can be valid for 30 days or 60 days depending on your country and plan. You can apply for a tourist visa through airlines based in UAE, a tour agency or hotel because UAE embassies don’t issue tourists visa. They will apply for a visa on your behalf to the concerned officials. Your tourist visa is applicable to be extended for 30 days twice. But application should be made before the expiry of such visa else you will be fined heavily for each day during your over stay without valid visa.

Requirements of Dubai Visa

Some of the documents supporting and needs to be submitted for getting tourist visa Dubai 90 days may vary from country to country but some of these necessary documents which are mandatory for everyone are mentioned as below:

  • Passport front page – This page is where the passport of the client possesses their photograph and personal details. The passport bio page is required to be in a colored mode as a black and white copy is no longer accepted.
  • Passport last page – Some nations’ passport have important data on the passport’s last page. For example, Indian passport has information on the last page. So this page is also needed to be submitted only in colored.
  • Photo – Colored photos which are not cropped against white background are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my tourist visa application after making payment?

Yes, but charges will be applicable that may vary on the basis of your country and your next visa application will not get approved unless the previous one is cancelled.

When can an individual apply or go for processing visa application before their travel date?

One can apply for a visa maximum 2 months before travel date since 58 days is the validity of a visa from the date when it has been issued.

Is the fee of visa covering all service charges?

The cheapest tourist visa Dubai covers all charges making it a real convenience for travelers. No additional charges are to be paid.

What kind of visa is a tourist visa?

The 60 days tourist visa Dubai is the electronic visa. It is directly updated by the airlines. A soft copy of the visa is mailed to the applicant

Are visa charges same for kids?

The Dubai tourist visa fee is almost same for kids as well as adult passengers.

Is a tourist visa a single or a multi-entry visa?

It is a single entry visa that can only be used by tourist one time and only for the purpose of tourism.

What is the meaning of Ok to board?

Flights that are flying to the UAE require ‘OK to Board’ confirmation from the visa agency before letting the passengers in the aeroplane.

What payment modes are allowed?

Any payment modes can be chosen for tourist visa for Dubai from India. One can use debit card, credit card, cash or any valid online payment portal.

Is insurance necessary for an application of Dubai Visa?

For applying for a Dubai visa, insurance is not needed however, traveling needs insurance.

Can the visa be emailed or faxed?

Most travel agents do email it to their clients.

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