Emirates In-flight Entertainment That Will Blow Your Mind

The in-flight entertainment plays a vital role in defining the experience of the passengers with an airline, and this is one segment where the airlines try to outdo each other and gain a competitive edge. These days, inflight entertainment has become so much advanced and sophisticated, thanks to the new advancing technologies. Airlines are continually trying to one-up each other by taking the global aircraft interiors and in-flight entertainment to the next level. When it comes to Emirates In-flight entertainment, the airline leaves no stone unturned to offer its customers the best ever experience, whether it is communications, entertainment or information.

Information and flight”s progress

Keep an eye on your flight”s progress on the moving map, and you can see the world from the skies thanks to the external cameras. Get complete information about the flight right on your screen, and you can browse for reports on weather, news, and sports anytime. Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment as you listen to your favorite music, radio, or podcasts. Enjoy the latest issue of the inflight magazine, Open Skies that welcomes you to the world of travel, entertainment, and culture. Each article is curated from a global community of expert writers and is sure to inspire you.

Quality Communications in the Sky

Within the first two hours of log in, you get 20MB of free data across the entire fleet of Emirates. So, now you can check your emails, connect with your office or friends anytime with an in-seat satellite phone, or use roaming to speak to people on the ground. You may also send messages or browse your favorite social networks. Emirates Skywards members enjoy discounted Wi-Fi on board and can use their membership number and password to log in. There are different data plans available to use onboard Wi-Fi for a longer time or if you need more data. Emirates First Class and Business Class passengers and Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum members enjoy unlimited and free Wi-Fi throughout the flight.

Entertainment in the skies

Emirates in-flight entertainment is sure to take your experience to a new high level. With so many options, you are sure to remain spoiled for choices. You can pick from 4,000 channels of movies, music, and games and in whatever language you prefer. Take advantage of the live TV options to watch the breaking news coverage and major sporting events in real time. There are options for Audio Description and Closed Captioning. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to your preferred music on board. Thanks to ICE TV Live, you can watch your beloved team playing and never miss a live game. Catch the action live and browse for NFL, NBA, tennis majors and more on live TV.

Here is what you enjoy on the ICE TV Live on an Emirates flights:

  • Sport 24 and Sport 24 Extra – Enjoy live matches and top international sporting events from the English Premier League, the Champions League, NFL and NBA as well as tennis and golf majors.
  • BBC World News – Get in-depth and live news coverage on current affairs, lifestyle features, sports, and investigative documentaries.
  • Sky News Arabia – Sky News Arabia covers current affairs and news in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • CNN International – Get in-depth information on global news stories, entertainment, business, sports, and more.
  • CNBC – Stay connected with the world as you fly and remain updated on the global stock markets and business news.
  • NHK World Premium – Enjoy your favorite Japanese channel to catch broadcast live from Tokyo and get the latest news, sports, and entertainment in Japanese.
  • Euronews – Euronews is a popular independent news channel that is available in various languages.

The syncing capability

Emirates passengers can now personalize their IFE playlist before they fly and create an in-flight entertainment package at home using the airline’s app. Once airborne, they can sync it with the seatback screen and can navigate to “My Trips” in the menu bar to access the playlist feature. All they need to do is select the “ice in-flight entertainment” option and connect their mobile device to the in-flight Wi-Fi to sync their playlist. They will get a passcode on the seatback screen once they enter the seat number and pair their device. However, the syncing capability is available on more than a hundred of its Boeing 777 aircrafts and on select flights as well. The airline plans to offer the syncing facility progressively across the entire fleet in the coming months. So, go ahead and create a personal entertainment playlist at your leisure, and enjoy it once you are settled in your seat on board an Emirates flight. The latest functionality adds to the innovative products and services of the airline and makes its in-flight entertainment superior and unmatched.

What is there for the children?

Emirates pays special attention to its younger passengers and creates one of the best in-flight experience and entertainment for the children as well. There are specially designed headphones for the children that fit on their heads comfortably and allow them to relax and enjoy their favorite shows. They can pick from more than 50 Disney classic films and enjoy more than 90 channels that are just there for kids like Cartoon Network, CBeebies and Nickelodeon. All kids love music, and when they are on board an Emirates flight, they listen to their favorite songs or enjoy soundtracks from much-loved movies. They can switch to the Airshow channel to enjoy those fascinating views of take-off and landing.

Download the Emirates app to enhance your experience with Emirates. You can navigate the interiors of the cabin in 3-D and browse menus and wine lists before flying. With new technologies and functionality, Emirates customers can plan their trip more effectively to maximize their onboard experience when flying with Emirates. Browse the expansive entertainment catalogue at any time on the app and choose what music, movies or shows you can enjoy on board even before you fly or before stepping onto the aircraft. The app also allows the customers to book flights, car rentals, hotels, and other attractions. So, go ahead and book your flight with Emirates and get ready for an unparalleled experience.

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