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Emirates Airlines

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Popular Emirates International Flights

Emirates Airlines Flight Booking

The UAE’s national flag carrier is called Emirates Airlines. It originally took to the air in 1985. It is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The airline, with its headquarters in Garhoud in Dubai, is the most successful and largest airline in the Middle East. 

The airline is a part of The Emirates Group, which is controlled by the Investment Corporation of Dubai on behalf of the government of Dubai. It has operations in over 133 cities spread out across 80 countries and six continents, and its fleet of nearly 300 aircraft and workforce of over 45,000 people make this possible.

With Emirates bookings, you can also join the frequent flyer program for the airlines known as Emirates Skywards and get the benefit from a variety of rewards.

Emirates Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Their fleet of A380s and Boeing 777s, two of the newest in the world, consistently outperforms expectations on their way to more than 158 locations annually. The world-famous A380s come equipped with private suites, shower spas, and an additional lounge for First Class passengers. The fleet is supported by its assortment of Boeing 777s, which are the company's workhorses. 

The carrier has the most Boeing 777 aircraft in its fleet than any other airline in the world. They transport millions of passengers annually across the world using these cutting-edge planes, which fly to approximately one hundred cities located on six different continents. They also have a fleet of luxury tiny jets that they may use to transport you privately all around the world.

Emirates Airlines Awards

Over the course of its history, the carrier has been honoured with a great number of awards.

  • Best Airline Worldwide recognised by Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2023

  • Best First Class recognised by Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2023

  • Best Premium Economy recognised by Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2023

  • Best Airport Lounge in the Middle East recognised by Business Traveller Middle East Awards 2023

  • World Class Award recognised by APEX Awards 2023

  • 5 Star Global Official Airline Rating recognised by APEX Awards 2023

  • Passenger Choice Award for Best Global Entertainment recognised by APEX Awards 2023 

  • Best Airline in the World recognised by ULTRA Awards 2022

  • Best Airline in the Middle East recognised by ULTRA Awards 2022

  • World Class Airline recognised by APEX Official Airline Ratings 2021

  • Airline of the Year recognised by Aviation Business Awards 2020

Emirates Airlines Class of Travel

Passengers around the world who fly Emirates, have a choice of four different classes.

  • Economy Class

  • Premium economy Class

  • Business Class

  • First Class

Economy Class

The Economy Class cabin on Emirates flights is classified by a high level of quality as well as a sense of comfort that can be seen in several aspects. 

  • Roomy and comfortable seating 

  • Onboard menu based on regional cuisine

  • Latest in in-flight entertainment 

  • 6,500 entertainment channels

  • Complimentary beverages

Premium Economy Class

The passengers are treated to a luxurious level of travel experience with the Premium Economy Class Emirates Airlines booking

  • Extensive leather seating

  • Wider seats with height-adjustable headrests

  • Refreshing drinks

  • Catering on board

  • Flight entertainment system

  • Amenity kits

  • Blankets

  • Large cushions

Business Class

The level of luxury in the carrier’s business class is superior to that of many other airlines' business classes. 

  • Completely flat seats

  • Quilt and bedspread

  • Lounges in airports

  • Gourmet cuisine

  • Entertainment system onboard

  • Complimentary shuttle service with a chauffeur from/to the airport

First Class

With Emirates flight booking, first-class passengers are treated to unparalleled comfort and service.

  • Closed-door suite

  • Completely flat seats

  • Fine dining

  • Mattress

  • Spa showers on board

  • In-flight lounge

  • Onboard entertainment system

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

The number of bags you're allowed to bring with you is determined by passenger destination, Emirates flight ticket, and cabin. The free baggage allotment is calculated by either the total weight of your bags or the number of bags you have. The terms "weight concept" and "piece concept" describe this. For the majority of routes, the weight concept is applicable. Only Emirates flight bookings to or from the Americas or Africa are affected by the piece concept.

Passengers are free to check in as many luggage items as they want, provided that the total weight of those bags does not exceed the weight limit for their travel class. The allowable amount of baggage for economy class ranges from 20 kg to 35 kg, while the limit allowed for business class is 40 kg, and the most generous allowance is reserved for first class at 50 kg.

Under the piece concept, the number of baggage that passengers are permitted to check in is limited, and each of those bags is allotted a particular amount of weight. Economy class passengers are allowed a maximum of 23 kg of baggage, whereas business class passengers are given 32 kg, and first-class passengers are given 32 kg.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Emirates Airlines Check-In and Boarding Pass

The facility for online check-in is open to travellers on Emirates flights up to 48 hours before their departure. They can choose their preferred seat, their meals as per any dietary restrictions, and any last-minute upgrades with Emirates flight booking. 

After customers are done with their online check-in, they can save their mobile boarding tickets to their phones using the official App or the Wallet app. This means that instead of searching for their travel papers at the airport, they need only produce the boarding pass on their mobile devices to fly Emirates.

At the airport, passengers have the option of using the self-check-in kiosks, which are both quick and easy to use or going to the counters, which are also options. If they are leaving from Dubai, they have until 24 hours before departure to drop off their baggage, but if they are going to the United States, they have until 12 hours before departure. 

In most airports, passengers are required to check in three hours before their flight is scheduled to depart. However, in some airports, the wait time can currently be up to four hours; thus, you should check your ticket to determine the best time for reaching your travel.

Emirates In-flight Services

Emirates flight allows passengers to monitor the progress of their journey on a dynamic map and view the world from an altitude of 40,000 feet using external cameras. They can access weather, news, and sports reports, in addition to information regarding their flight, shown on their screen as they fly Emirates. 

While they are discovering our content, they won't be interrupted while listening to their music, the radio, or podcasts. They also have a selection of data plans available to them so that they can remain online during the duration of their travel. When using ICE, the in-flight entertainment system, passengers have access to up to 6,500 channels of movies, television shows, music, and games, all of which are available on demand and in numerous languages.

Frequent Flyer Programme: Emirates Skywards

The Skywards loyalty programme offered when travellers fly Emirates gives them rewards and experiences that enhance their trips and make them feel better rewarded overall. Being a member comes with a variety of perks and opportunities that, when combined with a luxurious way of travel, will make every vacation more satisfying.

When flying with an Emirates ticket or flydubai, passengers will accumulate Skywards Miles in addition to Tier Miles. They can also add to their total by purchasing additional Miles, gifting Miles to others, or doubling their existing Miles balance. Miles can be earned through the airline’s global partners. 

Travellers have the option of taking a reward Emirates flight, upgrading their reservation, or purchasing a ticket to an upcoming game featuring their chosen team. It is entirely up to the customer how they would like to reward themselves using their Skywards Miles. 

They have the option of selecting flights on partner airlines, staying in five-star hotels, action-packed days out with their families, or even passes to a variety of cultural and sporting occasions taking place all over the world. Since the Miles are good for a period of three years, travellers will have plenty of time to put them towards a truly memorable reward.

Emirates On-board Support

The airline provides customers with a variety of specialised help services to meet their requirements while they fly Emirates. These services include the provision of medicine and transportation, aid for passengers who desire to bring their pets onboard, and support for unaccompanied children and families travelling with infants. 

You can get in touch with the office in your area if you want to set up preparations for wheelchair-accessible travel or if you have any other special requests, and they will do everything in their power to fulfil your requirements.

About Emirates Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Manage your booking is the section of the official website that allows passengers to make any necessary adjustments to their Emirates online booking. If their flight was delayed as a result of COVID-19, they have the option to preserve their ticket and get in touch with the airline once they are ready to travel again. 

Depending on the terms and circumstances of the Emirates ticket booking pricing, the ability to make modifications to the booking may result in additional fees and costs. When passengers make changes to their reservations through the Manage Your Booking section of the official website, they can view a breakdown of the fees that will be assessed, including any applicable fines or additional taxes. 

If the price of the ticket for the fresh itinerary that they will be booking exceeds the fare that they have previously paid, then they will be required to cover the difference between the two fares. They will be required to make an online payment for the fees and the difference in the tariff to finalise the adjustments to the ticket.

Cleartrip: Runway for Emirates Airlines Flights

Emirates Airlines provides exceptional services and help to its passengers, and Cleartrip does the same for its clients. We make it possible for you to make bookings, check the flight schedules of Emirates Airlines, and obtain information about the most recent specials and deals made available by the airline.

In addition, we provide a user experience that is uncluttered and straightforward so that you can monitor the status of your Emirates flight. With our streamlined and straightforward mobile and tablet applications, you can access all of this information while you're on the move.

To check the status of your Emirates Airlines reservation, book a flight, and more, please feel free to use our services. If you require any additional information, please take a look around the website or get in contact with our representatives in customer service.

Cleartrip also has an online presence in the countries of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Visit the following websites if you are interested in learning more information: Emirates Airlines Oman, Emirates Airlines Qatar, Emirates Airlines Kuwait, or Emirates Airlines Bahrain.


Q. Where can passengers check-in online for a flight on Emirates Airlines?

A. Online check-in is available to passengers with Emirates booking starting 48 hours before their journey. They also have the ability to select the seat of their choice, make meal selections, and take advantage of any last-minute upgrade opportunities for their Emirates flight.

Q. How much-checked luggage can passengers take on Emirates Airlines for free?

A. When passengers fly Emirates, based on the weight concept, the baggage allowance varies from 20 to 35 kilogrammes for economy class, 40 to 50 kg for business class, and 50 kg for first class. With the piece concept, travellers in Economy Class are permitted no more than 23 kg of luggage, passengers in Business Class are permitted 32 kg, and passengers in First Class are permitted 32 kg.

Q. Does Emirates Airlines require a separate seat to be purchased for an infant?

A. Infants and toddlers (those younger than 24 months) do not need their seats on Emirates flights. If you intend to bring an infant with you on an Emirates flight, you must notify the airline in advance. When flying with the airline, everyone aged 2 and up must have their seat.

Q. When flying with Emirates Airlines, does the passenger need to check in online?

A. It is possible to check in with Emirates booking, both online and through airport kiosks and desks. For quick and easy check-in, it is suggested that passengers complete their check-in online.

Q. What is the total number of international destinations that Emirates Airlines serves?

A. The airline flies to over 158 destinations around the world.

Q. What kinds of in-flight entertainment do passengers on Emirates Airlines have available to them?

A. ICE, the in-flight entertainment system, offers 6,500 on-demand movies, TV episodes, music, and games in multiple languages.

Q. Is it possible to bring a pet on board with Emirates Airlines?

A. In addition to transporting dogs and cats that are travelling alone (further information on breed requirements may be found on the website), Emirates Airlines booking will also transport other warm-blooded animals as manifest cargo. Toxic animals, such as reptiles and insects, will not be accepted on Emirates flights unless they are being moved between qualified agencies.

Q. Does Emirates Airlines serve alcoholic beverages on board?

A. In addition to the usual soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee, passengers in Emirates Airways economy class cabins can also enjoy a free range of alcoholic beverages, including spirits, beer, and wine.

Q. What is Emirates Airlines’ airline code?

A. IATA: EK, ICAO: UAE, Callsign: EMIRATES    

Q. What are the restrictions regarding the carrying of alcoholic beverages on Emirates Airlines?

A. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on Emirates Airways in retail packaging with a volume of alcohol greater than 24% but not greater than 70%, in containers no larger than 5 L, and with a 5 L cap per person on Emirates flights.