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One of the largest serving airlines of the Indian subcontinent is Air India. Air India was formed in the pre-independence era in the year 1932 and later expanded as a well-known international airline serving southern and east Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the United States and Canada.

Its headquarters are located in the capital city of New Delhi, while the hub of this airline is in the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Air India has been serving over a hundred destinations, both domestic and international places.

Air India is the flag carrier and government-owned airline of India. With a huge fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Air India offers a great flying experience to travelers. It is the largest international carrier serving more than 60 international cities across various continents. The airline is also the member of Star Alliance.

Because of its domineering presence in the international airline market, Air India flight became a member of the Star Alliance in 2014.

Air India believes in both affordability and luxury and boasts of one of the youngest fleets in the world and superior flying experience. Apart from in-house entertainment, their aircraft feature luxury seats, delicious meals and world-class service.

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When you are doing Air India booking online for your next trip, you might come across various travel websites offering online ticket booking facility. But, Cleartrip definitely has some advantages over other travel sites that need to be looked upon before doing Air India ticket booking online.

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  • Compare Flight Before Booking: On Cleartrip, you can easily compare flight price according to date and also with other airlines. You can also check Air India ticket price. Cleartrip even features a special Fare Calendar where you can take a quick peak at the prices of various flights. You can compare flight time, direct or connecting, and number of stops before booking.
  • Offers and deals: Cleartrip provides you various deals and exciting Air India offers that will make your journey most affordable and happy. These offers are for limited time, so grab them before they expire and enjoy your next trip at discounted fare. Sometimes their occasional discounts and offers might surprise you on certain flights.
  • Easy Refund and Cancellation: Cancellation and refund always seems to be a tedious task. However, at Cleartrip, we understand that emergency situations can arise at times, and one might need to cancel Air India ticket. We provide an easy cancellation and refund process. To know further details, you can go through the cancellation and refund policies at the Cleartrip’s website.
Air India Cabin Classes

Before doing Air India booking online, you must be aware about its various cabin classes. So, here is a detailed overview of different types of cabin classes that you can experience while on-board.

  • Economy class: Air India offers the most affordable economy class travel experience that anyone can enjoy. Economy class does not mean that there would be any compromise in facilities. Air India Economy class offers various facilities, such as comfortable seating with much better legroom space, complimentary refreshments/meals on all Air India flights with more than 90 minutes flight duration.If it is an international flight, you can choose between Continental or Indian cuisine or Non-veg/Veg. Complimentary liquor or wine is also served on all international flights. Well-positioned TV screens on each seat allows you to choose among various channels of entertainment on-board. Also, you can control temperature and illumination as per your need from your seat only. All these features give you a comfortable yet affordable economy class travel experience. 

  • Executive class: Next category of cabin in the Air India fleet is the executive class. As the name suggests, it is designed specifically for people who prefer to enjoy a luxurious travel experience. The cabins are quite spacious, and the seats have a larger legroom as compared to the economy class cabins. Delicious food is served on-board along with wine, making the meal all the more delectable. If you have an executive cabin ticket, you will be allowed to access all Air India lounges on various airports around the world. The Boeing 747 flight has all window or aisle seats for every passenger that gives you a perfect outside view.
  • First class: Air India’s First Class exudes luxury and comfort. You will get a feeling of opulence as soon as you step in the aircraft. Plush carpet with ethnic interiors will certainly please you. You can enjoy 180-degree recline and stay fresh. The First Class cabin of Air India can accommodate only 12 passengers. Along with delectable appetizers, you are served vintage wine or smooth champagne. You can indulge in duty-free shopping on board from Air India’s Sky Bazaar range.
Popular Air India Flight Routes

Before you make an Air India booking online, let us have a look on the most popular flight routes to and from the country.

Dubai to New Delhi flights

  • Flight duration of the Air India Dubai direct flight from Dubai to New Delhi is around 4hours and 40 minutes.
  • Connecting flights from Dubai to New Delhi take 7 hours or more.
  • Popular stops are Amritsar, Kolkata, Mumbai and Cochin.
Dubai to Chennai flights

  • There are few or no direct flight of Air India from Dubai to Chennai.
  • Flight duration of the Air India connecting flight from Dubai to Chennai is 7 hours to 20 hours or more.
  • The popular stop of Air India flight on this route is Sharjah.
New Delhi to New York flights

  • Flight duration of direct flight from New Delhi to New York is of 15hours 20 minutes
  • Flight duration of connecting flight from New Delhi to New York is of approximately 24hours 25minutes.
  • The popular stop on this route is Mumbai.
London to New Delhi flight

  • Flight duration of the direct flight from London to New Delhi is of 8hours 35minutes.
  • Flight duration of the connecting flight from London to New Delhi is of 11hours 5minutes.
  • The single stop on this route is Mumbai.
Chennai to Singapore flight

  • There are no direct flights from Chennai and Singapore.
  • Flight duration of the connecting flight from Chennai to Singapore is of 1day 14hours.
  • The popular stops on this route are New Delhi and Hong Kong. 

Bengaluru to Madrid flight

  • There is no direct Air India flight from Bangalore to Madrid.
  • Flight duration of the connecting flight from Bengaluru to Madrid is of13hours 5minutes.
  • The popular stops on this flight route are Delhi and Paris.
Baggage guidelines

Before you continue with your Air India ticket booking, it is better to be familiar with their baggage guidelines for an easy and hassle-free travel journey. It will help you avert unforeseen circumstances at the time of checking in.

Carry-on baggage allowance

  • You can carry just 1 piece of hand baggage weighing up to 8-10 kg.
  • Hand baggage weighing more than 10 kg won't be permitted in the cabin.
  • The carry-on luggage must either fit into the overhead compartments or in the box just in front of your seat.
  • A hand bag of total of dimensions 115 cms is allowed in cabins.
  • Before doing Air India online booking, do check-in the excess cabin baggage rates for your flight route as Air India has varying rates for hand baggage exceeding 8 kg. Maximum weight is 10 kg.
Checked baggage guidelines

  • Air India has different baggage guidelines for different international routes. You can check Air India baggage guidelines for Gulf and Middle East flight routes and Saudi Arabia routes, Europe / UK / Israel, Australia & Far East - South East Asia, USA/Canada and others.
  • For example, flights from India to Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/ Muscat/Kuwait/Bahrain/Najaf has 30 kgs allowance for Economy class and 40 kgs for Executive class.
  • From Dubai to Mumbai Economy class allowance is up to 40 kgs.
  • For flight routes, from Kuwait/Muscat/Abu Dhabi/Dubai/Bahrain to India, it is 30 kgs for Economy and 40 kgs for Executive Class.
  • Air India even announces baggage discounts/sale from time to time, so do check the Air India website for accurate and the latest details.
  • Extra baggage charges also apply.

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  1. What are the different cabin classes in Air India airlines?

    At the time of Air India booking online, you will be allowed to select any of the three cabin classes as per your convenience. These classes are the economy class, executive class, and the first-class cabins.

  2. What is the Air India first class experience like?

    Once you choose First Class cabin during your Air India flight booking, you will enjoy flying in complete luxury. The comfortable recliner window and aisle seats, complementary wines, delicious appetizers, and wide range of entertainment sources will give you a wonderful experience after your Air India online booking is complete.

  3. Is Air India economy class good?

    If you are choosing the Air India ticket booking for economy class, there is no need to worry about the facilities and features. Even economy class gives you a comfortable and cozy experience with a huge variety of on-board refreshments and complimentary meals, refreshing drinks and liquors, comfortable seating with personal TV screens for entertainment, temperature and light control system.

  4. Does Air India offer complimentary food to economy class percentage?

    Yes, meals are provided in economy class, but you need to select your meal type while doing Air India online booking. You can choose from Medical and Dietary meals, Religious meals i.e. Moslem Meal, Kosher Meal, Hindu Meal, and more.

  5. What is Air India Frequent-Flyer Program?

    One of the major advantages of Air India ticket booking is that you can enjoy the premium Frequent Flyers program onboard. The more you travel the more your FR points will be, and you can redeem these points on the twenty-seven international Star Alliance routes.

  6. Do Air India offers web check-in?

    Yes, after your online Air India ticket booking, you can easily opt for the web check-in facility from their official website or from Cleartrip. Web check-in saves you the hassle of standing in long queues at the airport. You can easily print out your boarding pass from home by doing web check-in and keep it handy at the airport.

  7. How can I check my Air India flight status?

    After you will complete your Air India flight booking, you can check your flight status by entering the PNR number on the Cleartrip website.

Air India Customer Reviews

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Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
4/ 5stars
I have travelled on Air India flights, and I am amazed by their customer services and in-flight entertainment options. The wide variety of foods and snacks were delicious, and as a foodie, I must admit, it felt like heaven where I got an opportunity to taste some of the most delicious dishes made by master chefs. The staffs were very polite and helpful. This was my first flying experience and I will highly recommend it to others. -
5/ 5stars
I was looking for the most affordable way of travelling, and one of my friends suggested to install the Cleartrip mobile app. I haven’t used it before but it was very simple to use the app, and I didn’t face any issue while booking my tickets. I booked a round trip ticket through Cleartrip and it helped me to save a lot of money easily. I am impressed with their special religious meal and the best thing, they allowed me to bring Zamzam water which is very special for us. -
2/ 5stars
My flying experience with Air India was horrible. There were some illiterate men on the economy class and they have ruined the delightful flying experience with Air India. I will never recommend Air India again. -
5/ 5stars
This is the first time I have booked my tickets for Air India flights on Cleartrip, and I’m impressed with the quality of service. The Sky Bazaar is an amazing place to buy duty-free goods and you can taste some stimulating cocktails that make your travel more interesting. I will suggest others to get your flight tickets on Cleartrip, and you can get the best deals easily. -