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EGYPTAIR is the flag carrier of the nation and its hub is based out of Cairo International Airport. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance and has the Horus, a sky deity from Egyptian mythology, as its logo.


Egypt Airlines was originally Misr Airwork and was founded in 1932. It was renamed United Arab Airlines in 1960. In 1968 it became the first airline to fly in the Middle East with Boeing 707s. In 1971, MisrAir and Syrian Airlines split up and EGYPTAIR was born. This Egyptian airline has won several awards over the years. The most recent is from the World Travel Awards - '2011 Africa's Leading Airline - Business Class'.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

EGYPTAIR has a total of 73 planes that make up its passenger, express and cargo fleets. It has the Airbus 320-200, 4 Airbus A321-200 and 7 A330-200. It also has 4 Airbus A330-300 and 3 Airbus A340-200. The airline flies 20 Boeing 737-800, 4 Boeing 777-200ER and 6 Boeing 777-300ER.

EGYPTAIR online booking can be made for a total of 81 destinations. 20 of these are based in the Middle East. In the UAE, EGYPTAIR flies to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Services and Baggage Allowance

EGYPTAIR online booking helps you get a ticket to the location of your choice. You can also avail of a range of services that the airline offers. From traveling with your pets to making arrangements for those with special needs, there is something for everybody. For unaccompanied small children, expectant mothers and those with special dietary requirements, EGYPTAIR makes provision for them all. EGYPTAIR online check-in is also an often used initiative.

EGYPTAIR baggage allowance is based on class and sector of travel. On international routes, adults traveling First and Business Class are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage, each not weighing more than 32 kg and accommodated in a bag 62 inches big. 2 pieces of hand baggage not more than 8 kg are also allowed.

Economy class passengers are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage, 23 kg each in a bag 62 inches big at most. In the case of infants on the international sector, excluding USA and Canada are allowed 1 piece of luggage not exceeding 10 kg. In the case of traveling to and from Canada, one bag, not more than 23 kg is allowed. In both cases the bag should be 45 inches at most.

For detailed baggage policies, click here.

For information on EGYPTAIR customer service or contact numbers, please click here.

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