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Air India Express

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Popular Air India Express International Flights

Air India Express Airlines Flight Booking

Air India Express is India's first low-cost carrier (LCC) flying international regional routes. Several major cities in India are linked to locations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia via its direct point-to-point services. Established in 2005, it has since grown to become the largest low-cost carrier (LCC) flying between India and the Gulf. More than 700 flights every week connect 34 cities in India and other countries. The carrier, which is wholly owned by Air India, first took to the skies in April 2005. 

The airline's effective services are well-liked all across the world because of the excellent value they provide. Air India Express flights are a low-cost airline that stands out for its excellent service, spacious seats, and basic meals and entertainment options. The airline serves foreign locations that may be reached in less than four hours of flying time from major cities in India. 

The airline's goal is to become a market leader by expanding its route network to include more and more international locations. Online booking makes it simple to get airline tickets, while web check-in lets flyers skip lines at the airport. The airline follows all applicable safety procedures and guidelines, providing excellent service to its patrons. The airline's regular services to different sections of the country with few delays have helped it attract many customers.

Air India Express Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

Air India Express maintains its cost-effective business model with the assistance of its fleet, which comprises 27 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, Airbus A320 neo, and Airbus A320 ceo aircraft. The fleet is relatively new and up to date, and as a result, it is both environmentally and economically efficient. As a result, they are safe and comfortable for international journeys that are between short and medium distances.

They hope that by integrating sustainability principles into the very fabric of their company, they will be better able to mitigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and capitalise on opportunities created by ESG trends. Over 700 flights are operated each week by the airline, which serves 44 different locations in India and other countries.

Air India Express Airlines Awards

The carrier is known for being a budget airline with good service that is recognised with awards.

  • Iconic Brand of India by The Economic Times, 2022

  • Iconic Brand of India by The Economic Times, 2021

  • Wings India Award, 2022

  • 28 Rank in the Atmosfair Airline Index, 2018

Air India Express Airlines Class of Travel

The low-cost Air India Express ticket price offers no cabin distinctions. Passengers travel Economy exclusively.

  • Economy Class

Economy Class

Economy Class is committed to offering the greatest quality of service with Air India Express booking while also ensuring that fares are kept at a reasonable level.

  • Comfortable 3x3 seats have a 30-inch seat pitch and a 17-inch breadth. 

  • Free refreshments and drinks for all guests

  • Pre-order using an a-la-carte menu, 24-hours before departure. 

  • Book a meal for specific diets too

Air India Express Airlines Baggage Allowance

Air India Express allows free luggage for all passengers, including newborns. Air India Express offers seasonal rates with 20/30/40 kg free check-in luggage at some locations. 

  • Gulf countries to India: 20/30/40 kg according to fare. 

  • From India to Gulf countries, the allowance is 20 kg.

  • from Singapore to India, the allowance is 20/30 kg depending on the ticket.

  • from India to other foreign destinations, it is 20 kg. 

Domestic Air India Express flights allow 25 kg. Passengers are allowed 7 kilograms of hand luggage, including duty-free shopping bags no larger than 115 cm.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Air India Express Airlines Check-In and Boarding Pass

Web check-in for the Air India Express flight is required before heading to the airport. Given the epidemic, this has been done to prevent any form of interaction at the airport. When passengers check in online, they will only be assigned paid or free seats. Air India Express flight booking online requires going to the airline's website.

Air India Express check-in options for flights include web check-in and airport check-in. You can check in online for your flight with Air India Express flight booking up to 24 hours before take-off. Your electronic ticket (e-ticket) can either be printed out or stored on your mobile device to be presented at the airport. The check-in desks of the airline are available three hours before the flight's departure time. The check-in desks will close an hour before take-off.

Air India Express Airlines In-flight Services

 helps travellers who require special assistance. On-ground workers at airports provide services such as wheelchairs and assistance during check-in lines. The customer can select the service that meets their requirements the most effectively with Air IndiaExpress online booking. 

On the official website, expectant moms and parents of youngsters travelling without an adult can check out the rules and regulations before booking their flights. Express Cafe provides passengers with the option to pre-order breakfast, appetisers, lunch, and supper entrees. Hot vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are readily accessible through Air IndiaExpress online booking. 

Pre-ordering is available for gluten-free, kid-friendly, diabetic, and Jain meals. Snacks and soft drinks/tea/coffee are for sale to passengers as well. The flights are so short that they only provide one meal. The meals are usually included in the Air India Express ticket price unless specified. 

About Air India Express Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Customers can cancel their Air India Express flight schedule by contacting the company's sales offices or by using the website. A cancellation fee will be assessed for any cancellations on Air India Express ticket booking. 

Before making a reservation, it's a good idea to read the airline's cancellation and return policy. In most cases, the sum paid for the reservation will not be refunded if it is cancelled unless expressly specified otherwise. Any changes or cancellations to your flight must be communicated to the airline no later than 12 hours before the time it was originally scheduled to depart. 

Any changes that you make to your flight booked with the carrier will result in a charge of Rs. 1000 (one thousand rupees) per passenger and seat. Your flight's date and time have both been adjusted as a result of these adjustments. If you are interested in learning more, you can get in touch with the airlines or go to their website.

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Q. When does Air India Express allow passengers to check in online?

A. Passengers can check in online for their Air India Express flight booking starting 24 hours before their flights until 1 hour prior to their planned departure time.

Q. When flying on Air India Express, how much luggage can I bring for free?

A. Free baggage allowance on the airline varies byfare type, destination, and seat availability. A. Passengers can bring luggage onboard that weighs up to 7 kg.

Q. Do you need to purchase a separate seat for an infant on Air India Express?

A. Children under two years of age old can sit on the lap of an adult for their travel. Each adult can only have one child on their lap. A separate seat has to be purchased by any adult accompanying more than one child under the age of two.

Q. Does Air India Express require passengers to check in online before boarding?

A. Both online check-in and the check-in option at the airline's airport counters are available for passengers flying on the airline

Q. How many different destinations does Air India Express serve?

A. The airline operates flights that go to 44 destinations all over the world.

Q. When flying with Air India Express, what kinds of in-flight entertainment are available?

A. Since Air India Express is a low-cost airline, it does not offer any in-flight entertainment to its customers.

Q. Is it possible to bring a pet on board Air India Express?

A. Air India Express bookings permit pets to fly both in the cabin and as checked luggage on certain domestic and international trips.

Q. Does Air India Express offer alcoholic beverages on flights?

A. When a meal is bought, Air India Express gives tea, coffee, and water to passengers for free. Passengers can also buy beverages from the drinks service while they are in the air. No alcohol is served.

Q. What is the Air India Express Airlines airline code?


Q. When flying with Air India Express, how much alcohol is a passenger allowed to bring on board?

A. Passengers can check-in up to 5 litres of alcoholic drinks per person, as long as the drinks are in retail packing and packed properly, and the percentage of alcohol isn't over 70 per cent by volume.