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Oman Air began its operations in 1993 and is the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman. The airline takes pride in providing a comfortable flying experience to their passengers and adheres to high standards of performance in all aspects.

On-Board Oman Air

Oman Airways started off as a regional carrier and later developed to national status, and now operates flights to destinations all over the world. This carrier has contributed to changing the face of Muscat into a major air traffic hub in the Middle East, which has also played a role in improvement of commercial, industrial and tourism activities.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

You could make an Oman Air online booking for traveling within the Middle East from Muscat to Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Dubai, Al-Ain, Jeddah, Dammam, Kuwait and Riyadh, or to major destinations in Europe, Asia and Europe including 10 destinations just in India itself.

This carrier has a modern and updated fleet, including the new Boeing NG 737 series, which is also a reason for their good safety record.

Services and Baggage Allowance

When you travel by this airline, your first experience of their efficiency would be the Oman Air online check-in that helps you save time at the airport before boarding your plane. Once on the plane, you are sure to be impressed by the customer service provided by the staff on-board, for you to come away with a good experience of your journey. This includes inflight entertainment and connectivity, a wide range of food choices, and duty-free shopping as well.

Please note that the Oman Air baggage allowance permits 50 kg, 40 kg and 30 kg of checked in baggage for First, Business and Economy classes respectively. The hand baggage should be restricted to a maximum of 1 piece of 7 kg for Economy passengers, and 2 pieces of the same for Business and First class travelers. There may be changes to these allowances depending on whether you are traveling by a codeshare service or other reasons. Please see the detailed rules pertaining to baggage policy here.

For information on Oman Air customer service or contact numbers, please click here.

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Oman Air Airlines top sectors

The top sectors for Oman Air Airlines are Salalah to Muscat , Muscat to Salalah , Khasab to Muscat and where it operates 50, 50, 42 and 42 weekly flights respectively. Top international sectors of Oman Air include Muscat to Doha , Doha to Muscat , Dubai to Muscat and Muscat to Dubai . They also have occasional flights from Istanbul to Muscat, Brisbane to Abu Dhabi and Muscat to Amman flights. Find more route here -