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Air Arabia Airlines

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Popular Air Arabia International Flights

Air Arabia Airlines Flight Booking

Air Arabia Airlines was the first and remains the largest low-cost carrier serving the MENA region. They are known for their reasonable Air Arabia ticket price.  They provide travellers with dependable, cost-effective, pleasant air travel across their entire network. With the "Where Next" concept, the airline makes it easier for its customers to fly more often and to a greater number of destinations at their convenience. When you book tickets with the airline, you have the choice to select a flight that won't break the bank while providing you with superior service.

Sharjah serves as the home of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) flagship airline, Air Arabia, which operates out of the city. Sharjah International Airport operates as its main aircraft base, with secondary locations at Morocco's King Mohammed V International Airport, Egypt's Borg El Arab International Airport, and Jordan's Queen Alia International Airport. The Sharjah International Airport serves as an important hub for transportation in the surrounding area.

Air Arabia Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

The fleet that is currently in use by the carrier consists of 52 completely new Airbus A320 aircraft as well as 6 Airbus A321 aircraft. The seat pitch in economy class is one of the biggest available in the business, and premium comfort chairs are installed throughout the cabin of every aircraft. More than 170 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe are serviced by Air Arabia flights.

When you book a flight with the airline, you can rest assured that you'll be travelling in style and comfort on one of their modern, high-end planes. Air Arabia flights have a well-deserved reputation for being industry leaders due to their superior levels of effectiveness, technological sophistication, and passenger comfort. It is easy to make online reservations with the carrier. You can choose your preferable seats, check-in and receive your boarding passes via any Internet-connected location.

Air Arabia Airlines Awards

Air Arabia flights have been honoured with a great deal of acclaim and accolades in the aviation industry.

  • Low-cost Airline of the Year from Aviation Achievement Awards, 2023

  • Nominated as Middle East's Leading Low-Cost Airline by World Travel Award, 2022

  • Nominated as Africa's Leading Low-Cost Airline by World Travel Award,2021

  • Best Low-Cost Carrier in the Middle East from Skytrax, 2015

  • Top airline by growth at Salalah Airport, 2015

  • Top passenger carrier at Salalah Airport, 2015

  • Airline of the Year, the Middle East category, at the Aviation Business Awards, 2015

Air Arabia Airlines Class of Travel

There are two different classes of travel that passengers can select for their Air Arabia booking, based on the finances they have and the specifics of their trip.

  • Economy Class

  • Business Class

Economy Class

When they book a journey with Air Arabia flights, travellers flying in economy class can rest assured that they will have a nice flight and receive outstanding service. They provide many services including

  • Video-on-demand services offer a diverse library of films, documentaries, sports, and entertainment.

  • The onboard dining service known as Sky Café offers passengers a wide selection of mouth-watering options for meals while they are onboard.

  • A catalogue of duty-free goods for use during in-flight shopping

  • On-Board Magazine

Business Class

When making reservations with Air Arabia flights, business travellers who value convenience and sophistication during their trips can select the Business Class option.

  • Certain airports offer exclusive access to lounges for passengers.

  • Take advantage of the ample space and plush comfort offered by the seating onboard.

  • On-board amenities, including the most recent entertainment programming, can be viewed on passengers' televisions.

  • A menu that has been curated by a chef allows you to choose your preferred meals and beverages.

Air Arabia Baggage Allowance

When you book a ticket with Air Arabia flights, you will have the option to pay only the baggage allowance that is necessary for your specific requirements. When you are finalising your travel plans or confirming any adjustments with Air Arabia flight booking, you will be given the option to specify the total weight of the luggage you have checked in. 

The airline offers its passengers three different baggage weight options, ranging from 20 to 30 to 40 kilogrammes. There is a disparity in the prices charged for the various weight classes depending on the airport where the flights originated.

On an Air Arabia booking, you can check up to 10 kilogrammes of baggage free of charge. There is a weight limit of 20 kilograms for checked bags that can be bought at the airport; additional fees will be incurred for any weight over the limit.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Air Arabia Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

By accessing the website of the airline for Air Arabia flight booking, passengers can check in for a flight from the comfort of their own homes using the airline's online check-in system. They can discover when the window for their check-in closes by consulting the flight schedule for the carrier. The website also allows travellers to print their boarding cards, which is necessary for boarding the plane.

Check-in Air Arabia Domestic Flights

Economy class passengers on an Air Arabia flight can check in beginning three hours before departure and up until one hour and forty-five minutes before take-off. You can also lessen the amount of time you spend waiting at certain airports by taking advantage of the early check-in option. Bags can be checked in, seats can be selected, and boarding passes can be picked up at special counters beginning 24 hours before departure from the United Arab Emirates.

Check-in Air Arabia International Flights

For a modest fee with their Air Arabia flight booking, international passengers leaving from the airports in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah can check their baggage and collect their boarding passes. The early check-in period begins 24 hours before the scheduled departure time and ends eight hours before departure.

Air Arabia Airlines In-flight Services

In-flight entertainment selections include motion pictures, sporting events, comedies, and a great deal more for passengers to enjoy with their Air Arabia booking. Several possibilities for in-flight entertainment are chosen in advance, and these choices vary according to the path that is taken.

The "Fun Onboard" programme that the airline offers is one of the most popular and cutting-edge in the industry, and each year millions of travellers enjoy the benefits of it. The airlines highly value the opportunities they provide for guests to showcase their abilities, which may include singing, dancing, or acting.

Air Arabia Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Air Rewards

Air Rewards, the customer incentive system offered by the airline, is often regarded as the most generous of all programmes available in the Middle East. 

When a traveller signs up for the programme, they become eligible to get up to 10% payback in the way of points on airfares and other chosen services during Air Arabia online booking such as meals, seats, airport amenities, and insurance for travel when they purchase tickets for their Air Arabia flight. 

This payback may be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gift cards, electronics, and more. Patrons will also have the ability to book flights with ease, make payments for extra services, and gain access to additional incentives by utilising the Air Rewards points.

Air Arabia Airlines Onboard Support

When planning their trip with the carrier, passengers who have particular necessities could receive assistance for their Air Arabia flight. The staff located on-site at the airport may provide passengers with wheelchairs and assistance with the check-in process. You can choose the service that best meets your requirements when making your Air Arabia ticket booking.

About Air Arabia Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Customers can make changes to, or cancel, their Air Arabia ticket over the website or at any of the airline's sales offices. Any cancellation will result in a fee being assessed. Instead of giving you a cash refund, the airline will apply the funds to the airline’s credit account, after first deducting any applicable cancellation fees and any other applicable costs. These funds are available to be used by travellers on upcoming trips on Air Arabia flights that depart within a year of the day that the payment was made.

Please refer to the airline cancellation policy here.

Cleartrip: Runway for Air Arabia Airlines Flights

Air Arabia Airlines was the first low-cost carrier in the region when it began operations in February 2003. The airline flies to 170 locations across the globe, including North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and Europe. Customers of the airline are provided with services of the highest possible quality.

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Air Arabia Airline FAQs

Q. What is the Air Arabia Airlines online check-in window?

A. 24 hours before departure, travellers departing from Sharjah on an Air Arabia flight schedule can begin their online check-in for their journey. A check-in option that can be completed online is made accessible to travellers who are departing from airports other than their primary airport 12 hours ahead of departure. The online check-in window closes eight hours preceding the scheduled departure time of the flight.

Q. How much free baggage does Air Arabia Airlines let you bring?

A. The free allotment for carry-on baggage with Air Arabia booking is 10 kilogrammes.

Q. Does Air Arabia Airlines require a separate seat for an infant travelling in their cabin?

A. You can reserve an infant seat when you book a flight with the airline via any of the following: their website, the app centre, associated travel agencies, or sales offices.

Q. When flying with Air Arabia Airlines, does a passenger need to check in online?

A. No, checking in online is not the only means to check in for the flights. You also have the choice of checking in at the Air Arabia flight check-in desk located within the airport.

Q. What is the total number of international destinations that Air Arabia Airlines serves?

A. Air Arabia booking provides service to 170 different locations across the world.

Q. What kinds of in-flight entertainment options does Air Arabia provide for passengers?

A. Air Arabia flights provide its customers with access to a vast selection of films, television series, games, music, and other forms of media as part of the airline's complimentary in-flight entertainment.

Q. Does Air Arabia allow passengers to bring their pets on board?

A. Only falcons are allowed to be transported inside an Air Arabia flight cabin, and even then, only if suitable reservations have been established to transport the bird using the online booking system of the airline.

Q. Does Air Arabia Airlines have an onboard bar with alcoholic beverages?

A. Alcohol is not offered for consumption on board Air Arabia flights.

Q. What is Air Arabia's airline code?

A. IATA: G9, ICAO: ABY, Callsign: ARABIA

Q. What are Air Arabia Airlines' policies regarding the carrying of alcoholic beverages?

A. Air Arabia flights have a strict no-alcohol policy, which includes checked luggage.