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About Air Arabia Airlines

Air Arabia is a low-cost Emirati airline with its hub at the Sharjah International Airport. There is another hub of the airline at Ras Al Khaimah that caters to Casablanca and Alexandria cities. Even if it is a low-cost carrier, the airline does not compromise on the services and comfort it provides to its customers. Wherever you fly, you will always enjoy reliable and value for money services with Air Arabia

Millions of passengers choose Air Arabia that remains committed to providing affordable air travel to those for whom it is not so easy to fly. The airline is aware of the social needs of local and international communities and has implemented a corporate social responsibility program. The program aims to provide better education and healthcare and promote sustainable development.

 It is no wonder to see the Air Arabia Airlines recognized for its services and win many awards. Some of the recognition won by the airline include the “World’s most profitable airline,” Middle East's Leading Low-Cost Airline, MENA travel award, Best Low-Cost Airline, and Airline of the Year – the Middle East and more.

Air Arabia is an international airline flies to the Middle East, Asia, and Europe and many other holiday destinations like Armenia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Kenya and more. Just apply for UAE Visa and find a great flight with Air Arabia and enjoy your vacation or trip.

Air Arabia Airlines Booking on Cleartrip

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Air Arabia Airlines Online Check-in and Boarding Pass

Who likes to wait in long queues at the airport?  Thankfully, Air Arabia Airlines offers check-in facility, which is available 24 hours prior if you are flying from Sharjah and 12 hours from another airport. Just enter your flight details and name, and your boarding pass will be sent to your phone or email. You can print out the boarding pass at your home and office. With a boarding pass in your hand, you can reduce the waiting time at the airport.

Air Arabia Services and In-Flight Meals

Enjoy the best in-flight services and meals with Air Arabia flights and at much lower costs. You can enjoy better sightseeing and shopping facilities at your destination as the airline helps you to budget better. The aim of the airline is to offer the best value services at lower costs. Take advantage of the onboard Sky Cafe menu to pick from a wide range of snacks and beverages and all at very modest prices. Look at their wide range of duty-free products to shop for accessories, jewelery, and perfumes at onboard Sky Mall. Air Arabia’s in-flight magazine, Al Nawras keeps you updated with all the on-ground happenings with the airline. Enjoy the in-flight entertainment programs with a wide choice in TV programs and movies. Also, Air Arabia offers exciting games and activities to keep the children engaged. The airline’s ‘Fun Onboard’ program allows the passengers to showcase their talents. Enjoy a pleasant journey with Air Arabia and a plethora of services and facilities.

Baggage Policy

The baggage policies with Air Arabia is simple and clear, and you pay for what you carry. One is allowed to carry a cabin bag but has to pay for the checked baggage.

Air Arabia Baggage Allowance

  • A free hand baggage
  • The weight of the hand baggage not to exceed 10 Kg
  • The dimension of the hand baggage not to exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

One can buy baggage allowance of 20, 30, or 40 kg and there is no limit to the number of items. However, each piece of luggage must not exceed 32 kg, and the overall dimensions must not exceed 160 cm.

There are restrictions on the quantities of liquids, gels or pastes that can be carried in the handbag, and they should not exceed a maximum 100ml each. The liquids, gels or pastes should be completely sealed and fit in the bag. If one pre-books their baggage allowance, they can save up to 90% of the charges paid at the airport.

As baggage policies can vary with different airlines, it is essential to understand the baggage policies of your airline and flight before you depart.

Travel Classes on Air Arabia Airlines

As Air Arabia planes are all economy, there is no business class, and the airline offers only one class and which is the economy. However, flying economy in a low-cost carrier doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with the quality of the services. In fact, Air Arabia planes are well known for their modern cabins with spacious seats and plenty of leg space. If you still need more legroom, you can upgrade to exit row or bulkhead seats. Passengers can select a seat of their choice when they book their flight. The cabin seating capacity is impressive, and you can be sure of enjoying top-level facilities.

Air Arabia Airlines Fleet Information

Currently, Air Arabia operates one type of aircraft the Airbus A320, and it happens to be best selling commercial jetliner.  There are fifty Airbus A320-200 aircraft that are in service right now, and they are seen as the benchmark for single-aisle aircraft.  The airline has ordered six Airbus A321neo aircraft, and their deliveries are expected to begin soon. Air Arabia is gradually expanding its fleets and operation to meet the growing demand for its flights. Its fleet may be small but is impressive and holds a strong position because of its outstanding planes.

Cleartrip’s Runway for Air Arabia Airlines

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 When you browse Cleartrip, you get comprehensive information about Air Arabia flight schedule, destinations, the timings, and Air Arabia air fares. That allows you to make useful comparisons and decide on the best days to fly or which flights to take. Thus, one can make a well-planned trip. Also, in case you want to make any changes to your flights or reschedule them or even cancel them, there are no issues. Cleartrip allows you to make the changes with just a few clicks and without any hassles.

In order to get the lowest fares, start looking early and make the bookings well in advance. Always go for a round trip to lower the fares further. Look for deals and discount offers going on at Cleartrip and take their advantage.

  • Ascertain Air Arabia PNR status & flight status through the website.
  • Take advantage of the web check-in process and save time at the airport.
  • Select your seat and meal options in advance.
  • Convenient routes and attractive Air Arabia air fares.
  • Find the lowest price by city or airport.
  • Pick from different payment options.
  • Know the exact arrival and departure of your flight.

 Now you can enjoy excellent air transport services with a safe airline and enjoy a seamless booking experience with a reliable online booking website. The passengers can take advantage of convenient Air Arabia airlines booking and attractive Air Arabia air fares.

Air Arabia News & Updates

  • Air Arabia introduces a new route to Belgrade that will commence in June 2019
  • Air Arabia Egypt began direct flights connecting Sharm El Sheikh to Amman
  • Air Arabia Egypt begins direct flights between Sohag and Riyadh
  • Air Arabia shows strong financial performance based on financial results 2018
  • Air Arabia announces direct flights between Sharjah and Kuala Lumpur from July 2019.

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  1. How do I check-in online with Air Arabia?

    Online check-in opens about 24 hours before the time of departure from Sharjah airport and for other airports, one can check-in 12 hours before. You need to specify your origin airport and enter your name, flight date, flight number, and reservation number. You will be sent your boarding pass via email that you can print.

  2. How can I make payment?

    There are multiple payment options when you do Air Arabia airlines booking, and one can pay via cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment. The customers can choose whatever payment method suits them.

  3. How do I add baggage after booking?

    Air Arabia offers you the chance to only pay for the baggage you need. Just check the baggage weight allowed for your flight and add the baggage weight and make the payment.

  4. Is there any business class on Air Arabia?

    As Air Arabia is a budget airline, its aircraft feature all-economy class cabins. Thus, there is no business class on Air Arabia, and the passengers are expected to pay extra for onboard food and drinks and even for the checked luggage.

  5. What are the different booking channels with Air Arabia?

    Air Arabia provides different booking channels to make things just easier for its passengers. One can download the iPhone app or browse the mobile website to make Air Arabia airlines booking. They can visit the Air Arabia sales office and meet appointed travel agents. Alternatively, you can book through our travel website Cleartrip and take advantage of easy bookings and low fares.

  6. How can I get the lowest Air Arabia fares?

    You can browse through our booking platform for the lowest possible fares.

Air Arabia Customer Reviews

The Air Arabia Group Flying Air Arabia airlines? Looking for best rates on Air Arabia airlines tickets? Cleartrip offers cheapest rates on Air Arabia airlines bookings use coupon code TRAVELMORE and get up to 700 AED off. KS813RUR
Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
We really enjoyed Air Arabia flight. When we welcomed aboard, the cabin crew were more than helpful in giving support to my 70 years old father. The flight took off on time, and their services are excellent. The food was not very good. -
3/ 5stars
For me traveling Air Arabia was indeed the very best decision. I have traveled other budget airlines, but I find that this air line was way better in terms of service, comfort, and entertainment. The staff was very helpful. -
5/ 5stars
After a couple of flights with Air Arabia I found it among the best low-cost airline I have traveled on. The flights are on time most of the time and food is good. -
5/ 5stars
I was flying back from our honeymoon in Morocco and we missed our flight back home. Luckily we were able to get a flight on Air Arabia. Their inflight services are excellent, and meals were very good. -
4/ 5stars
I was really not expecting a lot from Air Arabia flight but was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. The seats were very comfortable, and the cabins were neat and clean. The flight attendants seemed nice, but the food was average. I would definitely book Air Arabia flights as they offer real value for money services. -