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Cebu Pacific Air

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Popular Cebu Pacific Air International Flights

Cebu Pacific Air Flight Booking

Cebu Pacific is the oldest low-cost airline in Asia, having begun operations in 1988. It is a low-cost airline that operates out of Pasay City in Manila and serves the Philippines. JG Summit Holdings is the sole owner of the airline. It conducts business out of Manila International Airport (MNL), which serves as its primary hub, and it has six more aviation sites located around the Philippines. 

It provides regularly scheduled service to 60 domestic and overseas destinations throughout 14 countries. In terms of the total number of passengers it transports, Cebu Pacific Air is the most successful airline in the Philippines. For instance, the sum of 2.45 million was moved during the first quarter of 2010. The fleet of Cebu Pacific Air consists of 67 newer aircraft.

As part of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact, CEB received its first Airbus A321neo in 2019 and got its first Airbus A330neo in 2021. This switch to a fuel-efficient airliner paves the road to having an all-neo service by 2027 and advances the airline's mission of achieving both social and environmental sustainability while also keeping air travel reliable and affordable for all.

Cebu Pacific Air Connectivity and Fleet Information

One of the most technologically advanced aircraft fleets in the world, Cebu Pacific flights are a 76-strong fleet made up of 55 Airbus aircraft, including seven A321ceo, six A321neo, five A320neo, eight A330 aircraft, and 29 A320, as well as 21 ATR aircraft, including seven ATR 72-500, 13 ATR 72-600, and one ATR cargo aircraft. 

The airline is scheduled to take delivery of 26 additional Airbus A321neos, 16 additional A330neos, three additional ATR 72-600s, and 15 aircraft purchases from the A320neo series between the years 2020 and 2026. Over 60 domestic and international destinations in 14 countries, including Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, are serviced by this airline, making it one of the biggest in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Awards

The airline has been recognised with many accolades for its services and eco-friendly achievements 

  • Asia Environmental Sustainability Airline, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, 2022

  • Asia's Leading Most Efficient Airline by The World Travel Awards 2021

  • Most Improved Airline of 2020 by 2020

  • Asia's Leading Most Efficient Airline by The World Travel Awards 2020

  • Low-Cost Carrier of the Year, Budgies and Travel Award, 2012

Cebu Pacific Air Class of Travel

All Cebu Pacific flights are economy class, and passengers can choose between Fly Only, Fly + Baggage, and Fly + Baggage + Meals as far as Cebu Pacific booking upgrades go.

  • Economy class Fly Only

  • Economy class Fly+Bag

  • Economy class Fly+Bag+Meal

Economy Class Fly Only

The Economy class with Fly Only option allows passengers to fly to their destination with light baggage. 

  • Good seating

  • A reasonable luggage limit

  • Menu selections in advance

  • Entertainment on board

Economy Class Fly+Bag

With the upgrade to Fly+Bag, each passenger is now allowed to bring along 20 kg of baggage at no additional cost.

  • Good seating

  • Extended luggage limit

  • Menu selections in advance

  • Entertainment on board

Economy Class Fly+Bag+Meal

The Fly+Bag+Meal upgrade grants customers the ability to bring on board 20 kg of free baggage in addition to providing them with a free meal

  • Good seating

  • Extended luggage limit

  • Free meal with menu selection in advance

  • Entertainment on board

Cebu Pacific Airlines Baggage Allowance

Economy class travellers are permitted a carry-on luggage weight limit of 7 kg and a checked luggage weight limit of 15 kg. For each purchase of either the 20 kg or 32 kg Prepaid Baggage option by Cebu Pacific flights, passengers are permitted to bring one piece of baggage. They are allowed a maximum of two pieces of baggage with a total weight of up to 64 kilogrammes, and they can choose from any two weight alternatives. 

Please visit the website of the carrier for additional details on the baggage allowance for extra items.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Check-In and Boarding Pass

There is a seven-day window in which passengers can check in online before their journey. To save waiting in line at the airport, travellers can check in for their flights online before heading there. Domestic flight check-in counters are required to close a stringent 45 minutes before their respective flights are due to depart. Meanwhile, for international flights, check-in desks close one hour before take-off.

Check-in Domestic Flights

Online check-in is available for passengers travelling on domestic flights from seven days to one hour before their scheduled departure time.

Check-in International Flights

Online check-in is available to passengers travelling on International flights beginning 7 days before the departure time and continuing up to 4 hours before departure.

Cebu Pacific Airlines In-flight Services

There is no in-flight entertainment available on Cebu Pacific flights. Those passengers who have selected the Fly+Bag+Meal option will be served their meal while they are onboard the aircraft. In addition, passengers can purchase beverages and light snacks while they are on board.

Cebu Pacific Air Frequent Flyer Programme: GetGo

Cebu Pacific's frequent flyer programme is called GetGo and it enables users to earn points towards free flights, upgrades, and other perks whenever they shop, dine, or book travel online. They can cash in the points at any moment through the online system. The points do not have a fixed expiration date, and a member can take advantage of seat discounts and partner deals through the website.

Cebu Pacific Air Onboard Support

Passengers who have particular requirements can request assistance from the airline with Cebu Pacific online booking. On-ground workers at airports provide services such as wheelchairs and assistance during check-in lines. The passenger has the option of selecting the service that meets their requirements the most effectively. 

On Cebu Pacific's website, mothers-to-be and parents of youngsters travelling without an adult can find information regarding the airline's policies and regulations.

About Cebu Pacific Air Refund & Cancellation

Unless otherwise specified, there are no refunds available for Cebu Pacific flights of any kind. According to the airline Customer Service Plan, which is in line with the Philippine Air Passenger Bill of Rights, passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled may be allowed to get a full or partial refund for their tickets.

If a Cebu Pacific flight schedule is cancelled or delayed by more than three hours and the passenger has not rebooked or converted the ticket to Travel Fund before the time of cancellation, the passenger will receive a full refund.

In most cases, the fare, fuel surcharge, taxes, and fees are not refundable in the event of a voluntary cancellation. However, it is possible to rebook for an alternative itinerary no later than two hours before the planned time of flight departure, but with penalties and fare variance.

If a traveller has CEB Flexi, they can voluntarily cancel their bookings and save the value of those bookings in their Travel Fund. The only requirement is that they must cancel their bookings at least two hours before the planned date of departure.

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Q. When can I check in for a flight on Cebu Pacific Airlines online?

A. On domestic flights, passengers have the option of checking in online seven days up until one hour before their flight is due to depart. On international flights, passengers have the option to check in online seven days up until four hours before their flight is due to depart.

Q. How much-checked luggage do passengers of Cebu Pacific Airlines get to bring for free?

A. Cebu Pacific restricts passengers to a maximum of 7 kg of carry-on baggage, which includes bags and backpacks. For any flight, the carrier does not include any checked-in baggage in the price of the ticket; instead, travellers are encouraged to consider buying a Prepaid Baggage Allowance.

Q. Does Cebu Pacific Airlines require a separate seat for an infant travelling in their cabin?

A. A small handling fee applies, however, infants and toddlers under the age of two are exempt from needing their seats. However, passengers are required to let Cebu Pacific know in advance that they will be travelling with a child on their lap. The rule is that each adult can have just one lap child.

Q. When flying with Cebu Pacific Airlines, is it required to check in online in advance?

A. Checking in for a flight online is more convenient than doing so at the airport because it eliminates the need to wait in a queue. Passengers can check in using the airport check-in desk also.

Q. How many different countries does Cebu Pacific Airlines fly to on its international routes?

A. The airline flies to 24 international destinations across 14 nations.

Q. What kinds of in-flight entertainment do you have available to choose from with Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Cebu Pacific's in-flight entertainment features a vast movie library, along with interactive video games and other options.

Q. Is it possible to bring a pet on board with Cebu Pacific Airlines?

A. Cebu Pacific Air does not allow any kind of live animal to travel in the cabin of its aircraft, except for passengers travelling from or to the United States who have a service pet or emotional support animal with them.

Q. Does Cebu Pacific Airlines offer alcoholic beverages to passengers when they're flying?

A. No, the airline is a low-cost airline that does not serve alcohol to its passengers.

Q. What is the airline code for the Cebu Pacific Airlines flight?

A. IATA: 5J, ICAO: CEB, Callsign: CEBU AIR        

Q. What are Cebu Pacific Airlines' policies regarding the carrying of alcoholic beverages?

A. Alcoholic beverages and spirits are only permitted to be carried on as checked luggage. Passengers must make certain that it has been packaged and sealed correctly.