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Etihad Airways

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Popular Etihad Airways International Flights

Etihad Airways Flight Booking

Etihad is literally translated as the Union in Arabic. It is one of the national airlines of the United Arab Emirates.  It is one of the seven divisions that make up the Etihad Aviation Group, which is a worldwide airline and travel firm, the airline is a subsidiary of the group. The airline embarked on its maiden voyage in the same year that it was established in 2003.  Since then, it has grown to be an affiliate of ICAO, IATA, and AACO. Its operations are primarily centred at Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

Etihad Airways is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious airlines in the world, and it has been rapidly expanding and modernising its operations. At present, the carrier provides service to over 64 destinations all over the world. The airline operates a fleet of over 93 cutting-edge aircraft and employs a diversified staff to meet the requirements of its passengers.

With Etihad bookings, you can also join the frequent flyer program for the airlines known as Etihad Guest and get the benefit from a variety of rewards.

Etihad Airways Connectivity and Fleet Information

The airline prides itself on unparalleled efficiency and performance, boasting a fleet of cutting-edge modern aircraft that surpasses all others. From cargo planes to the state-of-the-art Boeing 787, Etihad Airways’ fleet is truly at the forefront of the aviation industry. With a total of 93 cutting-edge aircraft, the airline offers customers the opportunity to travel to a wide array of global destinations, connecting the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Each year, approximately 4 million individuals have the privilege of being transported by the airline to 71 passenger and cargo destinations spanning across 45 countries worldwide.

On board, guests enjoy a wide range of services, including first-rate cuisine, state-of-the-art entertainment, and ergonomically constructed chairs. The airline is also making progress towards being significantly more environmentally friendly. As part of their efforts to become an even more sustainable airline, they have drastically lowered fuel emissions and eliminated plastic on all of their flights. One of the world's most fuel-efficient aeroplanes, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, has become the backbone of the airline’s fleet. The airline has also recently unveiled the Airbus A350-100 to complement the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as part of its aim to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050.

Etihad Airways Awards

A multitude of awards have been presented to the airline in recognition of its exceptional services.

  • 2022 Business Traveller Middle East Awards for Best Cabin Crew

  • 2022 Business Traveller Middle East Awards for Best First Class

  • 2022 Apex Passenger Choice Awards for Passenger Choice Best Inflight Entertainment

  • 2021 Business Traveller Middle East Awards for Best Cabin Crew

  • 2019 World Travel Awards for World’s Leading Airline

Etihad Airways Class of Travel

Etihad Airways allows passengers to book flights according to what amenities they require and the amount of money they have available for their trip.

  • Economy Class

  • First Class

  • Business Class

  • The Residence

Economy Class

Economy Space offers greater legroom, while Economy Neighbour-Free gives you the row to yourself.  Economy Smart Seats for long-haul have a unique headrest, flexible back support, and legroom. Short-haul chairs now offer USB charging outlets and adaptable gadget holders.

  • Throws and cushions

  • Flat-layout seats

  • Entertainment system

  • Free food and drinks

  • Mobile web and streaming access

First Class

First-class service is provided to guests with First Class Etihad Airways tickets. Unwind with a drink in hand, choose your meal from the extensive a la carte menu accompanied by an exclusive wine selection, and enjoy having your bed made for you.

  • Chauffeured transportation to and from the airport

  • Access to  airport lounges

  • Priority Check-in

  • Comfortable seats 

  • Cushions and blankets

  • Reclining chairs

  • Entertainment system

Business Class

Within the business cabins, you will be able to enjoy a private and exclusive business travel experience when you fly in Business Class.

  • A la carte sélections 

  • Carefully curated wine selection

  • First-class airport check-in with lounge access

  • Reclining chairs that double as beds are a welcome luxury.

  • Throws, cushions and blankets

  • Adjustable stiffness of cushions, back support, and headrests on every seat.

  • Welcome Kits

  • Entertainment system

The Residence

Step into a three-room luxury in the sky on board Etihad Airways’ A380. The Residence has an enclosed bedroom featuring a double bed, a living space that is separate from the bedroom, and an ensuite bathroom. It can accommodate up to two people. An attentive attaché will be there to help guests through the airport and a personalised greeting will set the tone for the stay at The Residence long before they board the plane. The lounges also provide a private suite with a dedicated team, so guests may unwind, eat, or get ready for their trip in complete privacy.

  • Complete Privacy

  • Three-room suite with private bathroom

  • Private Butler

  • Customisable Menus

  • Exclusive Airport Lounge Access

  • Exclusive Check-in and Boarding

  • Priority Luggage Handling

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance

The airline offers a range of baggage options for customers when they book Etihad flights. Customers looking to reserve seats with just carry-on bags can do so using the hand baggage-only pricing option. Additionally, passengers can choose to buy extra bags if they need them. Variables such as Etihad Guest Tier Status, route, and Etihad Airways ticket type determine the baggage allowance. When flying with a partner airline, additional regulations may be in effect.

Passengers in Business, First, and Residence Class are allowed two free checked baggage, each weighing a maximum of 32 kg. One personal item, such as a laptop bag, can weigh no more than 5 kg. They can only bring two bags of carry-on luggage with them, and each piece can't be heavier than 12 kg.  Depending on the route, economy class passengers can check in two items for free, with a weight limit of either 32 or 23 kg each. Economy Class passengers are limited to checking a single item of carry-on luggage no heavier than 7 kg.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Etihad Airways Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Etihad Airways mobile app allows passengers to know their Etihad Airways PNR status and check-in online between 30 hours and 1 hour before their scheduled departure time. Upon completion of the check-in process, guests are required to check out their luggage at the airport.

Passengers can also download their boarding pass on the app in order to utilise it with ease from their mobile devices. Instead of having to print out or carry around paper documents, they may store all of their travel information in a single, safe area that is handy for them. In addition, passengers who are not travelling in transit and are departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport have the option to check in at their homes. Home check-in requires all travellers, even young children, to be prepared with their information.

Etihad Airways In-flight Services

With over a thousand hours of on-demand in-flight entertainment available on passengers' personal seatback screens, Etihad Airways' in-flight entertainment E-BOX is a hub for entertainment that passengers can access. The most recent children's films, television shows and games are available on board to keep children entertained. To assist them in exploring their heart's content, they will be provided with their very own user interface that is simple to operate. Through the use of a parental lock function, parents are able to exercise control over the content that their young children are watching. 

The A320 and A321 aircraft do not have the capability to provide passengers with private screens in the economy class cabin. Content can be accessed by passengers using their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Flying Nanny is among the most effective in-flight services that provide assistance to passengers who are travelling with children on long-distance Etihad flights. Guests can also pre-book their meals and purchase in-flight Wi-Fi while they are on board.

Etihad Airways Frequent Flyer Programme: Etihad Guest

Etihad Guest, the reward programme offered by Etihad Airways, provides its members with a variety of incentives, including the opportunity to accumulate free miles anytime they travel, along with their other advantages.

Following the completion of a reservation, flight miles are accumulated as a percentage of the Ticketed Point Mileage, which corresponds to the distance that is officially documented to exist between two locations.

There is also the option of establishing a family membership with Etihad Guest, which enables families to combine their airline miles and spend them through the membership of the family head. Customers can utilise the miles they have accumulated to make reservations for Open Seats, Guest Seats, additional luggage and upgrades.

Etihad Airways Onboard Support

To accommodate passengers with special requirements, Etihad Airways booking offers support. The on-ground team is responsible for providing wheelchairs and assistance with airport check-in procedures.

Passengers have the ability to select a service that caters to their specific requirements. Before taking a flight, expectant moms and parents of children who are not accompanied by an adult can read the appropriate legislation and policies on the official website.

About Etihad Airways Refund & Cancellation

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to make modifications to the reservation is through the Manage Your Booking system. Modifications can be made to Etihad Airways online booking by passengers at least two hours prior to their departure. There may be a price associated with changing or cancelling the flight, and this fee is determined by the journey and rate that is booked. In the event that passengers have booked several fares, the fare rule that is the most restrictive shall be used. If they are unable to keep the reservation, the terms of their refunds will be determined by the tariff conditions that were associated with your initial ticket.

There is an extra 10% fee that will be charged for any changes or cancellations made within 96 hours of the scheduled flight. In the terrible case that a guest or a member of the immediate family passes away, travellers will not be required to pay any fees for cancelling or changing their reservation. If a traveller fails to show up for their travel itinerary, they will be subject to a fine for both the change and the no-show. In the event that a traveller is likely to miss their flight, it is imperative that they inform the airline as soon as feasibly possible. In the event that they do not, their flight to return or continue may be cancelled.

Please refer to the Airline cancellation policy here.

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Etihad Airways has grown rapidly and by constantly updating its fleet, earning the reputation as one of the top airlines in the world since its launch in 2003. It's one of two national airlines of the United Arab Emirates. Its headquarters are in Abu Dhabi's Khalifa City, close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

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Q. What’s the online check-in window for Etihad Airways?

A. Depending on the flight's route, the Etihad online check-in process opens 30 hours prior to departure and ends 1 hour before take-off. Flights departing for the United States have a two-hour cutoff for check-in. Four hours before take-off, passengers can check in at the airport.

Q. How much free luggage does Etihad Airways let you bring?

A. All passengers in Economy Class are allowed one piece of carry-on bag weighing 7 kg, while passengers in Business Class, First Class, and Residence Class are allowed a maximum of two pieces of carry-on baggage weighing 12 kg in total.

Q. Are infants required to have their seats on Etihad Airways?

A. Infants and toddlers less than 24 months old do not need their seats on this airline. As long as an adult is there, they can ride on the lap of the responsible adult.

Q. Is online check-in compulsory when flying via Etihad Airways?

A. The airline does not require its customers to check in online prior to departure. Online check-in is still recommended because of how convenient it is.

Q. How many international destinations does Etihad Airways have?

A. A total of 64 international destinations are served by the airline.

Q. What kind of in-flight entertainment does Etihad Airways provide?

A. The airline provides its customers with E-BOX, a centre for in-flight entertainment. Everything from the newest films and TV series to music and gaming is at their fingertips.

Q. Does Etihad Airways allow pets in the cabin?

A. It is permissible to bring pets on board depending on the Etihad Airways booking itinerary. Before you book your cabin stay, be sure that the route you're considering permits pets. Travellers who intend to bring their pets along must ensure that they possess the necessary paperwork.

Q. Does Etihad Airways serve alcohol on board?

A. On the airline, alcoholic beverages are available for consumption for all routes other than Saudi Arabia.

Q. What is Etihad Airways' airline code?


Q. How many alcoholic beverages are permitted to be carried on Etihad Airways?

A. Travellers are permitted to bring five litres of alcoholic drinks in their original container, as long as the alcohol content does not exceed 70 per cent.