Flydubai Airlines

Some Great Reasons to Fly with Flydubai Airlines!

There are very few airlines that manage to make air travel more affordable and enjoyable for travelers. FlyDubai airline is one of them. This government owned low-cost airline began its operations in 2009, and today it flies to more than 95 destinations across the world.

The low-cost carrier is headquartered at Dubai International Airport and was founded by Emirates Chairman Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Although it is no longer a part of the Emirates Group, there is still some cooperation between the two that provides better connectivity. The airline covers major destinations in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Europe and is among the fastest-growing carriers worldwide.

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Why do FlyDubai Flight Booking on Cleartrip?

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  • Extensive Comparisons: Customers often like to make a good comparison before booking, and this is where Cleartrip excels at. When you navigate the booking platform, you can compare various features of different flights, such as flight time, fares, cabin class, and other amenities provided by the airline. Those useful comparisons will help you make a well-informed decision when doing Fly Dubai online booking.
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Flydubai Cabin Classes

The airline features economy and business-class cabin. No matter what class you travel, you enjoy total comfort and a relaxing atmosphere throughout the flight.

  • Economy Class: Enjoy a comfortable and affordable journey when you fly in the Economy Class of the airline. The high quality, ergonomic seats are known for their innovative design. Enjoy more legroom to stretch out, and if you want, you can choose a seat with extra legroom for a slight extra cost. Stay connected with your friends and work once you buy the Wi-Fi package on board. You can also pre-book your meals or choose from a variety of snacks and beverages on board.
  • Business Class: If you are looking for a superior travel experience, choose the business class when you doing the FlyDubai booking online. This is the ultimate way to fly as you get wider chairs and more legroom in the business class. The seats are very comfortable and made from Italian leather.Enjoy the best onboard entertainment in the most relaxing environment and enjoy an unmatched flying experience. You get a 12.1 inch touchscreen of your own, on which you can watch movies and TV shows, or play games for your entertainment. Wi-Fi onboard allows you to stay connected even during your flight. Explore the internationally-inspired menu and pick from an impressive selection of delicious meals and snacks when you travel in Business Class.
Popular FlyDubai Flight Routes

Here are some of the most popular routes that the airline caters to:

Dubai to Cochin flights

  • Flight duration for direct Dubai to Cochin flights is 4 hours 10 minutes.
  • There are no connecting flights from Dubai to Cochin.
Dubai to Hyderabad flights
  • Flight duration for direct flights from Dubai to Hyderabad is 3 hours 50 minutes.
  • There are no connecting flights from Dubai to Hyderabad.
Dubai to Mumbai flights
  • Flight duration for direct flights from Dubai to Mumbai is around 3 hours.
  • There are no connecting flights from Dubai to Mumbai.
Dubai to Lucknow flights
  • Flight duration of direct flights from Dubai to Lucknow is around 3 hours 45 minutes.
  • There airline operates one connecting flight from Dubai to Lucknow in collaboration with Vistara. It takes 25 hours 20 minutes to cover its journey.
  • The flight has layover at Delhi on the route.
Karachi to Dubai flights
  • Flight duration for direct flights from Karachi to Dubai is 2 hours 10 minutes.
  • There are no connecting flights from Karachi to Dubai.

Dubai to Kuwait flights
  • Direct Flydubai flights from Dubai to Kuwait take around 1 hour 50 minutes.
  • There are no connecting flights from Dubai to Kuwait.
Baggage Guidelines

FlyDubai flights allow you to buy additional baggage allowance in case you want to carry more baggage. Follow the baggage guidelines carefully to avoid any confusion and enjoy a hassle-free flight. Read on to learn more about the baggage guidelines when you complete your Fly Dubai online booking.

Check-in Baggage Allowance

  • The airline offers up to three pre-paid items as baggage allowance in Economy Class, and the maximum size allowed is 75 x 55 x 35cm while the maximum weight is 20, 30, or 40 kg. However, some fare types include baggage allowance in the ticket price itself.
  • Baggage allowance is included in the Flydubai ticket price of Business Class passengers. They are allowed to check-in up to three bags with maximum weight up to 40 kg and a maximum size of 75 x 55 x 35cm.
  • During FlyDubai online booking, you can select the checked baggage depending on the fare type.
  • In case you want to carry more baggage, you can also pre-buy an additional baggage allowance depending on the space available in the flight.
Carry-On/Cabin Baggage Allowance

Once you have completed your Fly Dubai booking process, you need to check the airline’s baggage allowance before packing your bags. 

The airline gives the following cabin baggage allowances to its passengers:

Economy Class

  • The passenger is allowed to carry one cabin baggage.
  • It should not weigh more than 7kg (15lbs).
  • Its dimensions should be within 55 x 38 x 20 cm.
Business Class
  • The traveler is allowed to carry two cabin bags.
  • The maximum weight allowed is 14 kg.
  • The maximum dimensions allowed are within 55 x 38 x 20 cm.
Additional Cabin Baggage Details
  • In addition to the main hand baggage, one can carry a laptop bag or a handbag or a duty-free shopping bag.
  • One is allowed to carry a smart bag as both checked and hand baggage, provided that it has limited power output and you do not use it for charging devices during the flight.
  • Learn about the forbidden items in hand baggage for the safety of passengers.
  • Read the baggage details and other restrictions carefully to avoid any last-minute hassles.
  • If baggage allowance is included in your flight ticket price, then you can carry 5 kg cabin baggage and 10kg check-in baggage for infants. However, the bag must not be more than 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm in size.
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  1. What are the different cabin classes in Flydubai airlines?

There are two different cabin classes with the airline, Business Class and Economy Class. When you go through FlyDubai online booking, you can make the selection based on your budget and preferences.

  2. What is the Flydubai Business Class experience like?

When you fly Business Class, you get a more personal flying experience. For example, you get special treatment on the ground with a faster check-in and a dedicated boarding gate and bus service. You can relax in the Business Lounge before your flight. Along with a professional and friendly service, you enjoy an internationally-inspired menu, a 12.1 inch touchscreen onboard, more baggage allowance and more leg room on your seats.

  3. How is the economy class of Flydubai?

The economy class of the airline is equally impressive with ergonomically designed seats and with plenty of space. Thus, travelers can look forward to a very nice experience and will not regret flying economy. The staff is polite and helpful while the food that you have to pre-book is great.

  4. How can one get extra legroom in economy class with Fly Dubai?

 The front row seats, rows 1 and 2 are perfect for those looking for extra space or legroom. These seats offer have easy access to the toilet and allow the passengers to quickly get off the plane once it lands. Another advantage is that one is also the first to be served food and beverages. The front row seats are perfect for the elderly, pregnant women, or passengers traveling with children.

  5. What is Emirates Skywards Twentieth Anniversary Offer?

All existing Emirates Skywards members are eligible to register for the Emirates Skywards Twentieth Anniversary Offer. Use the airline’s mobile app or the Emirates App to register for the offer and mark this special milestone and be a part of the 20-year journey. Eligible customers will be rewarded with special treats and keep enjoying the privileges during FlyDubai flight booking.

  6. What kind of facilities to expect at Dubai International Airport?

Dubai International Airport is known for its world-class facilities, and there are luxurious lounges along with all the other essential services that are needed by a traveler. You get to enjoy duty-free shopping, high-speed Wi-Fi, currency exchange service, smoking lounges, prayer rooms, emergency, and medical assistance.

  7. What are the different ways to book my favorite seat with FlyDubai?

If you have a preferred seat in mind, you can book it until 90 minutes before the departure time. You can use the Cleartrip or the airline’s website or mobile app to select a seat of your choice; or you can ask the cabin crew to upgrade your seat. Many passengers prefer to contact the Customer Centre to reserve the seat during Fly Dubai online booking. However, you need to pay a little extra for making your choice.

  8. What are the check-in options for a Fydubai flight?

Flydubai offers airport as well as online check-in. Passengers can check-in at the airport counters or the self-service kiosks or opt for online check-in to save time. Discover more facilities like home check-in and belt pick-up and delivery during Fly Dubai booking.

  9. What do I need to know when traveling during Covid-19?

Now that you have made your Fly Dubai online booking, make sure to obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and check for any other restrictions before boarding your flight. Log on to the IATA Travel Centre website to learn about any updated restrictions at your travel destination and check for quarantine requirements. Carry a printed copy of a negative COVID19 PCR test, as soft copies on mobile phones will not be entertained.

  10. What is FlyDubai's free global cover?

In case you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during travel between 1st September 2020 and 30th November 2020, you are entitled to enjoy free global cover for COVID-19 related costs from the airline. You will remain covered for 31 days from the time of your first flight, and the airline will cover medical expenses up to EUR 150,000. However, these offers are subject to terms and conditions and require pre-approval.