What is web-checkin?
Why should I do web-checkin now? What are the benefits?
Am I eligible for web-checkin
Why to do web-checkin on Cleartrip?
Do I need to pay any extra fee for web-checkin on Cleartrip?
What is express web check-in? How do you decide my seat?
What is check-in with seat selection?
Which airlines are supported for web-checkin on Cleartrip?
I booked a return trip. Will I be able to web-checkin?
I got an invitation to web-checkin. What should I do next?
I got a web-checkin success mail. What should I do next?
Where can I see the seats assigned after submitting the request?
What are the supported payment mode for seat selection on Cleartrip?
I have paid Cleartrip to choose a seat of my liking. Should I be sure that my seat is reserved for me?
I got an email that my web-checkin failed. What should I do now?
The trip says web-checkin is in progress. Why is it not completed yet?
How can I cancel the web-checkin request that is still in progress?
What if I have already done web check-in with airline? Could I place a request again with Cleartrip?
What if my web check-in has already been done, can I still cancel/reschedule my trip?
How can I cancel/modify my web-checkin request with Cleartrip?
I placed the web check-in request with Cleartrip. Can I complete the check-in with airline directly. Will there be any conflict?
I have paid for the seat during check-in on Cleartrip. What happens to my payment when check-in fails?
After placing the check-in request, when should I expect the check-in to be completed?