Special Umrah flights

Special Umrah Flights, which have Travel/Boarding Restrictions

1) Fly Dubai:

Visa & nationality Umrah flights to/from Jeddah
(FZ 7000 to 7999)*
Regular flights to/from Jeddah** Regular flights to/from Madinah Regular flights to/from Taif Regular flights to/from Yanbu Regular flights to/from other destinations in Saudi Arabia
Citizens of Saudi Arabia No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Citizens of GCC countries (excluding citizens of Saudi Arabia) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Citizens of other countries holding Umrah visa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Citizens of other countries with Saudi residence visa (work permit or employment visa) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Passengers holding business, tourist or visit visa No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Umrah flights (FZ 7000 to 7999) will arrive and depart from the Hajj terminal.
**Regular flights will arrive at and depart from the North terminal at Jeddah Airport.


2) Air Arabia:

4-Digit flights of Air Arabia to Jeddah are Umrah only flights.

  • You can board this flight if you're holding a valid Umrah visa or you're a GCC national (excluding Saudi nationals).
  • This flight will arrive at and depart from the Hajj terminal at Jeddah Airport.
  • It's passengers' responsibility to obtain the correct visa to enable you to travel on these flights. If you arrive at the airport and don't have the correct documentation you'll not be able to travel and there will be no refund offered.

3)  Emirates Airline:

Travel restrictions for Muslim/Non-Muslim passengers travelling on business and tourist visas are as follows:

Type of Passenger Jeddah (JED) Madinah (MED)
Extra flights EK2XXX Scheduled flights (e.g.EK8XX) Extra flights EK2XXX Scheduled flights (e.g.EK8X)
Pilgrims Non-GCC Nationals (excluding Saudi Nationals) Yes Yes Yes Yes
GCC Nationals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saudi Nationals No Yes No Yes
Muslims, Non-Muslim passengers with visit/business visa and passengers holding Saudi Residence Permit No Yes
Restricted period:
From 30 May to 28 June
No Yes
Restricted period:
From 30 May to 28 June
Operating Terminal HAJ Terminal Terminal 1 Madinah Terminal Madinah Terminal


Important note:

  • Effective 30th May 2023 to 28th June 2023, passengers holding visit and commercial visa should NOT be accepted to JED/MED flights. Exception applies to passengers holding visit visa for business, media, doctors, exports and diplomats and travelling from 30th May 2023 to 28th June 2023 to JED/MED. Passengers falling under the exempted categories must obtain prior approval from Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
  • Muslim/Non-Muslim passengers holding business visas must be booked on normal scheduled flights. Date restrictions may apply. Refer to above table.
  • Pilgrims must not be accepted for flights arriving JED/MED after 22nd June 2023 (04th Dhul’Hijjah 1444H) even if they are holding a valid HAJJ visa.
  • GCC nationals travelling after the deadline of 22nd Jun 2023, before check-in must sign a pledge of NOT performing Hajj and/or wearing (Ihram) during the flights or after arrivals.
  • All Saudi nationals must travel on normal scheduled flights only. They should not be accepted on any Haj extra flights even if they are travelling to perform Haj.
  • Passengers with Haj pilgrim visa must be accepted for flights to JED and MED only and not on other Saudi sectors i.e. DMM and RUH.
  • Disabled/handicapped passengers must be accompanied by a relative or an able-bodied escort.
  • All Haj pilgrim passengers must hold a Haj visa. Dependents/children in the passport if any must all also be endorsed on the visa.
  • All Haj Pilgrims passengers should hold a round trip confirmed reservation/ticket. Passenger entering MED have to depart from MED and vice versa.
  • All Haj pilgrim passengers/Groups Leaders should check/confirm from local Emirates Offices in Town and Airport about their departure Terminal as this may change closer to the date of Departure.
  • Pilgrims and GCC nationals (even if not travelling for Haj) can be accepted on extra flights. GCC Nationals booked on extra flights (EK2XXX) must hold Tasreeh of Hajj (Hajj Permit) to be accepted for travel. Saudi Nationals are not permitted to travel on extra flights.


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