Top attractions to visit in and around London for families



For those that are planning a getaway from bustling London or Manchester with your family then there are terrific spots in and around London and Manchester that are worth exploring.

Brighton, Sussex

Brighton, an English seaside resort town, located an hour south of London by train, is a popular day-trip destination. Being child-friendly and student-friendly, this charming town with a broad shingle beach, amusement arcades with fun rides and kiosks is a great spot for families. Once in Brighton, don’t forget to try the old classic Fish and Chips by the beach


Anglesey, an island located a little over 2 hours from Manchester, is known for its picture postcard scenery. It is a perfect spot to spend some good quality family time. For those with love for outdoors, they can head to the north-western island to enjoy walking, cycling, and scuba diving. Experience the coastal path with over 100 different types of rock, birds, rare flora and fauna, and stunning castles. It has a coastline with gorgeous beaches where you can enjoy fun and games with your family. Try your hand at fishing, hiking, and other amazing delights at the Dingle Nature Reserve.

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oxford, the oldest university in England, is also known as a popular tourist destination. Explore Its beautiful stone architecture, libraries, and excellent museums within the university premises with your family. Try your hand at punting in summer. Visit its book stores to pick up some books for yourself and your family. Later, head to the covered market on the High Street, also known as the oldest market in Britain. Finally, create a special memory for your family album by visiting the Masters Garden in Christ Church College.

York, North Yorkshire

With a two-hour train ride from London, York has plenty to offer for children and families alike. Remember to pay a visit to the York Minster Cathedral, the National Railway Museum, the Jorvik Viking Center. Take a walk around York’s long city hall. Later, remember to explore York’s ghoulish history on a vintage London Bus with your family.

Dover, Kent

Located around 90 minutes from London, Dover makes for a great getaway for families. As it has a strong historical significance, if you visit Dover with your family, remember to visit the stunning White Chalk Cliffs and the gorgeous Dover castle.  

Bath, Somerset

Bath is known for its natural geysers and Roman spas that were situated here a thousand years ago. At this picturesque town, you can get a glimpse of Ancient Roman Britain and also marvel at its classical architecture. Located about 90 minutes from London, it is perfect for families looking to get away or enjoy a weekend break.