5 reasons why you should visit Boulevard Riyadh City during the Riyadh Season

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Situated in the northern part of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, Boulevard Riyadh City has grown triple, compared to the earlier season. One of the largest zones, amounting to around 900,000 m2, this zone has sub-zones with its own range of activities, restaurants, events, and outlets catering to visitors of all ages and tastes.

Here are five things that you don’t want to miss out on at the Boulevard Riyadh City:

Experience Entertainment Boulevard Riyadh City-Size!

Boulevard Riyadh City has pulled all the stops to become one of the most distinctive, unmissable zones at the Riyadh Season. This area’s design, which is stated to be inspired by Times Square in New York, holds gigantic LED screens, and over 100 stores. Movie buffs are going to be more than pleasantly surprised as they can watch the latest films at one of the largest theatres in the Middle East covering an area of 22,280 square meters, with up to 25 cinema screens.  Be entranced by the different displays of laser lights, colors, and music that are synchronized to the dance fountain show, one of the most key landmarks of Boulevard Riyadh City.

Boulevard Studios: Boulevard Riyadh City’s show stopper

For those with an affinity for theatrical productions and the entire theatrical experience, the offerings of Boulevard Studio won’t disappoint. It spotlights some of the most renowned and internationally acclaimed theatrical acts, television programs. Experience some of the most famous Gulf and Egyptian plays at the first drama theatre in Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 1000 chairs and equipped with the latest technology. What’s exciting is you will see the actors clearly no matter where you are seated, all thanks to the amazing design. If you are on the lookout for Arabic and international plays across genres like drama and comedy, then don’t miss out on the plays staged at Mohammed Al-Ali’s Theater. For those looking for light-hearted plays, there is the hilarious social comedy The Fridge that you can watch. Be sure to check the international musicals that this theatre showcases. Here is a fun fact: Did you know that this world-class theatre rearranges the composition of its seats depending on the play or show?

Get aboard the musical experience journey

If you cling dearly to the thought that where words leave music begins, then you are in for a treat at the Boulevard Riyadh city. A hub for Merwas music academy, a platform for live performances, and stores selling musical instruments, here melodies and harmonies come together. You can enjoy shows like MBC: The House of Talent, where you can witness the development of promising talents and their growth towards musical stardom. Bring your musical journey to a full circle by soaking up an authentic music experience, from live performances and songs at Abdeulhalem Nightingale Theatre and reveling in glorious old-times at the Om Khalthoum East Planet Theater with live shows and classic dishes.

Feed your surreal, adventurous, and sporty side

Are you among those that seek experiences that are unusual and laced with adventure? Then Boulevard Riyadh City is the place to be. Test your skill and courage in an interactive problem-solving experience based on the hit British TV game show, ‘The Crystal Maze.’ Dip your feet in the surrealistic pool with the world-famous illusionist Criss Angel. Kickstart your adventurous escapade by trying out the new thrilling experience derived from the wildly popular TV show ‘Squid Game.’ There is no time to rest easy at Boulevard Riyadh City as you can challenge your friends before moving onto an interactive game of soccer at Next Level Football Challenges. Later, tee off at the First Golf before taking a zipline that takes you from the heart of the Sports area to the snows of Avalanche. Continue riding on high gear at Sala Hub, one of the best entertainment centers in the Kingdom that brings you the most engaging video games and 5D adventures. Don’t slow down because you still have the Masameer Experience that will keep you on your toes.

Take your taste buds on a culinary trip

If pulsating adventures and challenges at Boulevard Riyadh City feed your mind and body, the culinary experiences here are sure to feed your soul. From savoring Levantine -Gulf cuisine to Greek and Mediterranean dishes, you can treat your decadent taste buds to even exotic food from Italy, Europe, and The States, all of this while vibing to a selection of distinguished regional musical performances.

If you are looking for an adventure-packed break, then be sure to check out the Boulevard Riyadh City in Riyadh Season and keep your eyes peeled for exciting offers.