Flydubai Airlines

The UAE's second low-cost carrier

Popular Flydubai International Flights

  • Airline
  • From
  • Flydubai 69
  • Dubai
  • AED 345
  • Flydubai 60
  • Kuwait
  • AED 400
  • Flydubai 16
  • Doha
  • Check
  • Flydubai 7
  • Dubai
  • Check
  • Flydubai 131
  • Dubai
  • AED 595
  • Flydubai 336
  • Karachi
  • AED 505
  • Flydubai 50
  • Muscat
  • AED 400
  • Flydubai 335
  • Dubai
  • AED 350
  • Flydubai 834
  • Jeddah
  • AED 740
  • Flydubai 833
  • Dubai
  • AED 855
  • Flydubai 27
  • Dubai
  • AED 645
  • Flydubai 30
  • Bahrain
  • AED 490
  • Flydubai 172
  • Alexandria
  • AED 725
  • Flydubai 574
  • Kathmandu
  • AED 605
  • Flydubai 575
  • Dubai
  • AED 660

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flydubai proves that flying at affordable rates can include both comfort and superior technology to create a pleasant flying experience. The carrier aims at providing the best service, both in the air and on the ground, without burning a hole in your wallet. You have a lot to look forward to when you choose flydubai for your next travel experience.

Onboard flydubai

flydubai airline is a low-cost option for international air travel that was established by the Government of Dubai in 2008. The carrier began operations in June 2009 with its maiden flight to Beirut, Lebanon. Named as the first low-cost airline of the Emirate of Dubai, flydubai operates from its hub at Terminal 2 of the Dubai International Airport. Some of the awards bestowed on this airline, and the best evidence of its great customer service are:

  • Outstanding Contribution to Aviation trophy in 2012 at the Aviation Business Awards
  • Low Cost Airline of the Year 2011 and 2012 at the Aviation Business Awards
  • Middle East's Leading Low Cost Airline 2012 and 2013 at the World Travel Awards

Connectivity and Fleet Information

flydubai’s international network connects you to several destinations across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), Middle East, Africa, Caucasus, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, and Central Asia. The carrier flies to destinations in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in the GCC.

The airline operates a young and modern fleet, consisting of over 45 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. More than 100 Boeing aircraft have been placed on order by the carrier to meet increasing demands and to expand the airline’s network in the future.

Services and In-Flight Meals

Your flydubai in-flight experience will be a comfortable one, thanks to the enhanced seats that are featured in both Economy and Business Class. Economy Class seats in flydubai’s fleet have been designed by Recaro, the famous German automobile seat maker. They are made to fit your body’s contours, thereby ensuring a comfortable in-flight journey. The seats have also been designed to give you maximum legroom during your flight. Business Class flyers get to relax in seats with lumbar support, extendable leg rests, and a comfortable recline.

The airline will keep you entertained onboard while you are cruising to your destination. Fun video games, a range of movies and TV shows, and soothing music are made available to you on your personal, 12.1-inch touchscreen. Economy Class passengers may pre-purchase these onboard entertainment options while flying to select routes. All these entertainment options come included in the fares of Business Class travelers.

In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is available on flydubai flights for pre-purchase. You may opt for the All-Flight Pass or the 30-Minute Pass to access the Internet, live TV, and social media apps while flying to your destination.

You may buy jewelry, toys, fragrances, flydubai souvenirs, and more on the carrier’s in-flight duty-free shop for you and your loved ones.

A range of meals and snacks can be enjoyed while onboard flydubai. Business Class passengers have the cost of their meal included in their fare while those traveling in the Economy Class must pre-order meals. Snacks are available for purchase onboard flydubai. For flights less than 90 minutes the option to pre-order food is not available.

Canceling or changing your itinerary is possible when you choose flydubai. Click here to view the details regarding flydubai’s cancellation policy.

For any queries, complaints, or details on the services offered by the carrier please contact flydubai’s customer support.

flydubai’s Baggage Allowance

Economy Class flyers must pre-pay to check-in luggage of up to 20 kgs. Up to 3 pieces of baggage are allowed. These flyers may even increase the baggage allowance to 30 or 40 kgs for an additional price, provided that there’s enough space on the flight.

Business Class flyers are permitted to check-in up to 3 pieces of baggage that have a total weight of up to 40 kgs.

A uniform rule applies to both these classes: An individual piece of checked-in baggage must not weigh more than 32 kgs and must be smaller than 75 x 55 x 35 cms.

Economy Class flyers may carry one item of hand baggage for free. This item must be smaller than 56 x 45 x 25 cms and no heavier than 7 kgs. Additionally, you may carry 1 laptop bag or 1 small handbag/satchel that does not measure more than 25 x 33 x 20 cms in dimensions.

Business Class travelers are allowed up to two pieces of cabin luggage with a total weight that does not exceed 15 kgs. Each bag must also be no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25 cms. For more on flydubai’s baggage policy, please click here.

flydubai’s Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

To minimize your waiting time at the airport, you may use flydubai’s Web check-in feature 24 hours to 90 minutes before your scheduled flight departure. Once you have checked in online, you may choose the seat of your choice (depending on the availability) and have your flydubai boarding pass printed or sent to your mobile.

Flydubai’s OPEN Loyalty Program

Join OPEN, flydubai’s frequent flyer program, and earn reward points for each US dollar that you spend on your flydubai ticket. Reward points are earned on optional extras that you pay for in advance; these include extra legroom seats, pre-ordered meals, and more. OPEN reward points can be earned on discounted fares too. These reward points may be redeemed to pay for your flights, in-flight upgrades, and optional extras for you and/or your loved ones.

Accumulate a certain number of reward points over 12 consecutive months to attain OPEN’s Gold status. OPEN Gold members earn 10 times the reward points as compared to regular members, irrespective of the class they’re flying. Those points can be used to check-in at Business Class counters on a priority basis, avail of priority baggage handling, and gain access to flydubai’s Business Lounge at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 2.

Cleartrip: Runway for flydubai Flights

Cleartrip will guide you at every step during and after your booking whether you are looking for information on luggage limits or trying to track your flydubai flight status when traveling to the airport.

Cleartrip’s mobile app is a new offering that has a smooth interface and easy-to-view page. The app offers utmost convenience while booking your flights. Multi-city bookings for up to 4 flights can be made using Cleartrip. Fare Alerts notify you when the ticket prices of flydubai drop. You can use Fare Alerts in conjunction with Cleartrip’s fare calendar for seamlessly booking flight tickets at incredible rates.

You could avail Cleartrip’s Top Deals, which include cashback options, lowered air tariffs, festive season sales, regular sales, and more. Cleartrip also lets you compare rates of different flights on different days, services offered onboard, and much more, enabling you to plan your trip better.

You may your be assured of your flight by checking out flydubai’s PNR status on Cleartrip. flydubai’s Web check-in can also be done using our website.

Flydubai Airlines top sectors

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Rated 3.7/5 based on 26 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3.5/ 5stars
This airline is famous for its economic fares that provide easy air travel. My personal experience with FlyDubai was nothing exceptional apart from the fares. The staff although polite could have provided better service. Food was a major drawback but maybe it is so with several airlines if you are flying in economy class. - by
4.0/ 5stars
For an airline providing such cheap and effective air travel, you cannot really keep very high expectations from them. But they are much better than what you expect. You get decent air service along with polite crew members. You do have to order food either on air or previously. Seats, in general, are clean and tidy. - by
4.0/ 5stars
We took the flight from Abu Dhabi. The flight time was short and smooth. They had on- board food, which needed to be purchased separately. The seats were comfortable and the crew members were well trained. They were extremely helpful and having witnessed them helping an old couple with their luggage and their seats, we also observed their over the edge services to other passengers. - by
3.0/ 5stars
I secured a business class ticket while travelling to Dubai as I was already tired and wanted to have a comfortable travel at an economical price. The service they provided was comfortable but not up to the mark. The seats could have been a lot more comfortable, so could have been the food menu. - by
4.0/ 5stars
Initially, I was not sure to travel with FlyDubai but one of my close friends suggested I avail their service. And my friend was right. They literally save you a lot of money if you travel with them. The legroom was spacious and their on- flight entertainment systems kept tiredness far away during the flight. - by