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Pakistan International Airlines

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Popular Pakistan International Airlines Domestic Flights

Pakistan International Airlines Flight Booking

The airline that represents Pakistan to the rest of the world is called Pakistan International Airlines. PIA flights started as Orient Airways and shifted its operations to its current headquarters in Karachi, which is located in Pakistan. The company was created in 1946. It has subsidiary operating hubs in Allama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) in Lahore as well as Benazir Bhutto International Airport (RWP) in Islamabad, but Jinnah International Airport (KHI) is the primary airport that is used for commercial flights in Pakistan.

With its contemporary fleet of 33 aircraft, PIA runs an average of roughly 100 flights per day, serving both domestic and international destinations spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Domestic destinations include 25 cities, and overseas destinations include 28 cities.

It is the largest airline in Pakistan and was the second major carrier in Asia to acquire jet aircraft of the A class. PIAs was the very first non-Communist airliner that travelled to China. In addition, the airline company owns the renowned Roosevelt Hotel in New York City as well as the Sofitel Paris Scribe Hotel in the French capital of Paris.

Pakistan Airlines Connectivity and Fleet Information

PIA airline operates a fleet of contemporary aircraft that are roomy, pleasant, and specially built to transport passengers to their destinations in a secure and risk-free manner. PIA airline runs a wide variety of cutting-edge aircraft, including the world's most popular model of aeroplane i.e. the Boeing 777, as well as the quietest model which is the Airbus A-320, among others.

The Boeing 777 family consists of long-range, wide-body, twin-engine aeroplanes with wide bodies. PIA airline pioneered the use of all three 777 aircraft models when it began flying the 777-200LR, 777-200ER, and 777-300ER in 1984. PIA's seasoned travellers have nothing but praise for all of them because of the spaciousness and comfort they provide. One of the most popular narrow-body short- and medium-haul jet aeroplanes in service today is the Airbus A320. As a result of having a fuselage that is just the perfect size for the aircraft, it not only improves the level of comfort offered to passengers, but it also has a stellar reputation for being an aircraft that uses very little fuel. 

The majority of PIA's domestic as well as regional routes are served by A320 aircraft. Both the ATR42-500 and the ATR72-500 have a convenient two-class seating configuration in their cabins. This aircraft has made it possible for the airlines to provide its loyal clients with the most convenient manner to fly to remote and isolated destinations across the country that are insufficiently served by other modes of transportation.

Pakistan International Airlines Class of Travel

PIA airline's on-board accommodations come in three different PIA ticket categories for its passengers

  • Economy Class
  • Executive Economy Class
  • Business Class

Economy Class

In the economy section, travellers with PIA booking can save money without sacrificing access to modern comforts.

  • Hot meals, including Pakistani food and food from other countries
  • On extended flights, provisions such as snacks, sandwiches, and beverages
  • Various forms of onboard entertainment

Executive Economy Class

On its international flights, PIA has created a new class of service known as Executive Economy, which provides passengers with a comprehensive range of comfortable and convenient amenities.

  • Flatbed seats
  • Extra leg space
  • A la carte Menu
  • Extra baggage allowance

Business Class

With its business class, PIA is redefining what it means to travel. The spacious seating provides passengers with the opportunity to both work and rest while on the go.

  • The ability to use the airport lounges in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore
  • Roomy seats with plenty of space for the legs
  • Upon your arrival, passengers will be put on the "Fast Track."

Pakistan Airlines Baggage Allowance

The PIA airline free baggage allotment shifts according to departure airports, final destinations, and ticket categories of PIA booking. Both the travellers travelling in Executive Class and Economy Class who are departing from regional airports for destinations in the Arabian Gulf are permitted to check 40 kilogrammes of baggage. Additionally, they are permitted to bring along one small briefcase and seven kg of carry-on baggage.

In most cases, travellers flying Business Class from regional airports to nations in the Arabian Gulf are permitted to check in a total of 50 kg of luggage. Please note that the maximum weight authorised per suitcase is 30 kg. The maximum amount of carry-on baggage that can be accepted is 12 kg, in addition to one small briefcase. When flying to North America in Business Class, travellers are permitted to check in two pieces of baggage, each of which can weigh up to 28 kg.

You can easily check the baggage policy here.

Pakistan International Airlines Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Passengers can now check in online through the PIA airline website and avoid long lines at the airport by using the web check-in service. Wherever it is possible to do so, passengers who have both their reservations and their tickets in order will have the option to check in online. Any passenger who requires special treatment is required to check in at the airport counter. Domestic flights departing from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are the only ones for which Web Check-In is now accessible. The lineup will expand over time to include both domestic and international stations.

PIA In-flight Services

PIA airline gives all passengers onboard the aircraft, regardless of the cabin they are travelling in, free access to a variety of in-flight entertainment options, including films from throughout the world, television series, musical performances, and audiobooks. In addition, passengers on PIA flights receive a copy of the bilingual magazine HUMSAFAR, which is written in both English and Urdu. PIA, being a full-service airline, provides all of its passengers, regardless of their seat class, with a variety of mouthwatering meals and beverages from which to choose during their flight.

Pakistan International Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme: Awards +Plus

PIA airline passengers are the only ones who are eligible to participate in the Awards +Plus frequent flyer programme. Travellers have the opportunity to rack up A+ miles and qualify for a wide variety of exceptional deals by flying with a PIA ticket or taking advantage of the services provided by the airline's partners. Earning A+ Miles can get you free flights, free checked bags, free upgrades, and other great perks. Passengers flying with PIA  airline are eligible to earn A+ Miles for each flight they take with the airline.

When a member books a flight and includes their A+ Membership Number, they will receive A+ Miles as soon as their plane takes off. There's more, A+ Miles can be accrued even while a traveller is not in the air. When travellers make an expenditure using one of PIA's partners, all they need to do to earn A+ Miles is present their A+ Membership card on them at the time of the transaction to get the miles.

PIA On-board Support

Passengers with disabilities are welcome on PIA. On-ground workers at airports provide services such as wheelchairs and assistance during check-in lines. The passenger has the option of selecting the service that most closely meets their requirements. On the website of PIA, the guidelines and regulations are available to be read by expecting moms as well as parents of youngsters travelling alone on PIA flights.

About Pakistan International Airlines Refund & Cancellation

Both the airline's sales offices and its website provide passengers with the option to cancel their reservations with PIA. A cancellation fee will be assessed for any cancellations for PIA flights.

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Cleartrip has websites in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain as well. You can learn more by visiting the websites of Pakistan International Airlines Oman, Pakistan International Airlines Qatar, Pakistan International Airlines Kuwait, and Pakistan International Airlines Bahrain.

Pakistan International Airlines Details

IATA code PK
Airline call sign PAKISTAN
Founded 29 October 1946; 76 years ago (as Orient Airways)
Hubs "Karachi,Islamabad,Lahore"
Frequent-flyer program PIA Awards Plus
Parent company Aviation Division, GoP[2]
Headquarters "Jinnah International Airport,Karachi, Pakistan"
Most popular destinations KHI, ISB, AUH, LHE, AMM
Most popular routes KHI-ISB, AUH-LHE, LHE-KHI, AMM-AUH, ISB-AUH
Popular fleet BOEING 777, Airbus A320, ATR42-500, ATR72-5
Official airline website https://www.piac.com.pk/
Pakistan International Airlines Contact number


Pakistan International Airlines FAQ

  1. What’s the online check-in window for Pakistan International Airlines?

    Web Check-In will be available to passengers travelling on domestic flights beginning 24 hours before their flight's scheduled departure and continuing for up to six hours before departure. After you have completed your Web Check-In, you must ensure that you arrive at the airport's check-in counter at least 90 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. Before proceeding to the Check-In counter, you mustn't forget to provide sufficient time for the necessary security procedures.

  2. How much is free baggage allowed on Pakistan International Airlines?

    One personal item like a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag and 1 carry-on bag weighing no more than 7 kg are allowed per passenger with PIA booking at no additional cost.

  3. Does an infant need a separate seat on Pakistan International Airlines?

    Children younger than two years old are permitted to sit on their parent’s lap. However, a child restraint system is the most secure environment for a baby to be in. On board, PIA airline provides women and their babies with bassinets as well as bulkhead seats. Passengers travelling with infants have the option of requesting seats in the front row of the aircraft when they book their journey.

  4. Is online check-in mandatory when flying via Pakistan International Airlines?

    No, online check-in is not mandatory for the airline. Passengers seeking special assistance with their travel are expected to check in at the airport.

  5. How many international destinations does PIA cover?

    PIA travels to 27 international destinations around the world.

  6. What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by PIA?

    Passengers have access to an in-flight entertainment system with their PIA flight booking, which is typically displayed on screens either in the seatbacks or overhead. The passengers have access to a variety of entertainment options, including films, television shows, music, and more.

  7. Does PIA allow pets in the cabin?

    There is a strict policy against bringing animals into the cabin. If they can satisfy the essential standards set forth by PIA, passengers are permitted to check their pets along with their other luggage. Animals must be carried in a container proportional to their size and accompanied by the standard travel documentation demanded by both the country of departure and the country of destination.

  8. Does Pakistan International Airlines serve alcohol on board?

    Onboard PIA flight, no alcoholic beverages are provided. The national airline of Pakistan prohibits its consumption on its flights as well.

  9. What is Pakistan International Airlines’ airline code?


  10. What is the allowance for carrying alcohol on PIA?

    Passengers are allowed to carry alcohol in their checked luggage with their PIA flight booking provided it has been packed properly.

Pakistan International Airlines Customer Reviews

The Pakistan International Airlines Group Book PIA Airline flight tickets at Cleartrip.ae. Use coupon FLYNOW & get up to 30 AED off on round-trip flights & 15 AED off on one-way pia airline flights. KS813RUR
Rated 4/5 based on 24 customer reviews
Customer reviews:
3/ 5stars
I have been flying with PIA for over 3 years and they are airline within Pakistan, and I have had no issues with them regarding booking, or inflight services. The cabin crew impresses me every time because of the personal service and attention to detail. PIA feels like family now, and I intend to stick to them for the next years. - by
5/ 5stars
I give full marks to PIA because of the quality of service and professionalism I have experienced with them every time I fly. Whatever my demanding schedule, I am sure that I will get a flight on PIA that fits my itinerary, and I always use Cleartrip to book PIA because of the comprehensive information I get apart from deals. - by
5/ 5stars
I am a professional golfer and need to fly in and out of the country several times, and the only airline I can rely on is PIA. With PIA, I feel confident that I can reach anywhere safely and comfortably. Traveling with a good and reliable airline indeed take out all that stress of flying and it indeed makes a lot of difference to my game. - by
5/ 5stars
I have flown from Islamabad to Milan several times for business trips for the past several years. I have flown on different airlines but have decided to stick to PIA because of the lower flight costs and better services. Their planes are seldom late, and it is always a pleasure to fly with them. The cabin crew is always polite and helpful and very attentive to the needs of the passengers.
 - by
4/ 5stars
I was sceptical about PIA before booking a flight with them, but today I feel a lot more confident when flying with them. Their planes are new and clean, and the cabin crew is always polite and cheerful. The services are impressive, and the luggage always arrives quickly. They are truly top-notch airline to fly with. - by