Surat Airport

Civil Aerodrome (Surat)

The Civil Aerodrome is located in Magdalla, 11 kilometers southwest of Surat, India. It has one runway and is a domestic airport. The Civil Aerodrome was built by the State Government of Gujarat in the 1990s. Its operations and administration were transferred to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) in 2004. The airport is situated 16 kilometers southwest from Surat Railway Station.

In recent years, the AAI and the Government of the state of Gujarat have proposed to undertake development of facilities at the airport.

Flight Information

The Civil Aerodrome is used by only one major airline, Air India. Air India operates flights to and from Delhi from this airport. Other private charter airline services like Ventura and AirConnect also operate a limited number of flights from the Civil Aerodrome.

It has 1 boarding gate and is well connected with major cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara.


The Civil Aerodrome has a single terminal. All arrivals and departures of domestic flights are directed towards it. Spread over 8,731 square meters, the terminal provides 2 security counters and 6 check-in counters for passengers.

Traveling Around

Currently, only private taxis are available to travellers from the airport. Travellers who prefer not to rely on taxis can also arrange for private vehicles or hail inter-state buses that are operated by the state government. Commuters can also travel within the city in auto-rickshaws. The airport will soon launch a car rental service for the convenience of travellers.

Surat is well connected with the rest of the country by road and has an extensive network of roads.

Services and Facilities

The Civil Aerodrome has snack counters, a restaurant, and tea and coffee vending machines. The Arrival Lounge houses a hotel booking counter as well as a taxi booking counter.

Trolleys, wheelchairs and medical assistance are also available to travelers at the airport. There is also a free shoe-shining machine within the airport premises. The airport also houses an HDFC Bank ATM and provides free Wi-Fi to travellers. A lost and found section has been set up to store belongings left behind by passengers.

Things to Do

The security area houses a branded garment shop where travelers can buy garments, for men as well as women, perfumes and other accessories. A jewelry shop showcasing pearl jewelry and an electronic goods store are soon to be opened in the same area.

The Parking area has a snack bar and a coffee shop.


Surat is a commercial hub, renowned for its diamond and textile markets. It offers visitors a wide variety of options for accommodation. Choosing a hotel closer to the airport is advisable to avoid traffic. Hotels like The Grand Bhagwati (TGB) and The Taj Gateway Hotel Athwalines are good options for people looking for premium accommodation in the city.

There are also more economical options available to travelers such as, The Ginger Hotel, Surat, Hotel Suncity, and Embassy Hotel.

Tips for Fliers

Summers in Surat are mean, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees. Travellers are advised to protect themselves by keeping themselves hydrated at all times.

The city is characterized by narrow lanes that make traffic unpredictable in crowded market areas.

Nearby Attractions

Surat is well known for high-quality textiles and diamonds; tourists can explore shopping districts like Zapa Bazar in the city. Surat is known for its fabulous street food, throughout the country. One can enjoy snacks such as Khaman, Ghari, Rotlo, Ponk, and Oondhiyo. Beaches such as Hajira, Dumas and Ubharat are well-known tourist destinations.


  1. What are the top airline brands that operate from airport frequently?
    The top airline brands that operate from airport frequently are – Air India, Air India Regional and .
  2. What is the airport code for airport?
    The IATA code for the airport is STV.
  3. What are the most frequent routes from airport?
    The most popular sectors from airport are Surat to Mumbai with 17 weekly flights respectively.
  4. When does the first flight leave from airport?
    The first flight from to Mumbai is at 7:45 AM, which is Air India airline 9650 followed by Air India 9608 which leaves at 8:25 AM.
  5. When does the last flight leave from airport?
    Air India 490 to Mumbai is the last flight that departs from airport at 8:05 PM.