Eritrean Airlines

Eritrean Airlines Airlines

Eritrean Airlines was the national carrier of Eritrea, and was wholly owned by the government of the country. Though started in 1991, the airline commenced operations with taking delivery of its first aircraft in the year 2003. It was based at Asmara International Airport.

On-Board Eritrean Airlines

The carrier was a member of IATA and operated flights to Rome, Cairo, Jeddah, Dubai and Khartoum. The airline was instrumental in bringing relief goods to Eritrea from governments and relief organizations in EU countries, and also facilitated trade of fresh fishery products in the other direction.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

Passengers in the Middle East could use Eritrean Airlines as a good connection to Eritrea and other cities like Rome. The airline had also planned to add more destinations in the future to help travelers further.

The fleet consisted of 1 Boeing 767-200ER aircraft because this model has a reputation for safety and comfort, and is a popular wide-body model of airplane. The carrier also used to lease an Airbus A320-200.

The airline has ceased operation effective December 2013.

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