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Aeromexico Airlines

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Popular Aeromexico International Flights

  • Aeromexico


  • 07:00 Los Angeles
  • 01h 36m Non stop
  • 08:36 San Francisco
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 03:19 San Francisco
  • 02h 05m Non stop
  • 05:24 Seattle
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 05:07 Phoenix
  • 01h 33m Non stop
  • 06:40 Los Angeles
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 02:55 Los Angeles
  • 01h 40m Non stop
  • 04:35 Phoenix
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 01:55 Atlanta
  • 01h 29m Non stop
  • 03:24 Orlando
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 06:17 Los Angeles
  • 00h 59m Non stop
  • 07:16 San Diego
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 05:50 Sacramento
  • 01h 33m Non stop
  • 07:23 Los Angeles
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 06:15 San Diego
  • 01h 05m Non stop
  • 07:20 Los Angeles
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 02:15 Los Angeles
  • 01h 20m Non stop
  • 03:35 San Jose
  • check
  • Aeromexico


  • 06:30 San Jose
  • 01h 35m Non stop
  • 08:05 Los Angeles
  • check

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Aeromexico Airlines top sectors

Top international sectors of Aeromexico include Los Angeles to San Francisco , San Francisco to Seattle , Phoenix to Los Angeles , Los Angeles to Phoenix

They also have occasional flights from San Jose to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to San Jose, San Diego to Los Angeles, and Sacramento to Los Angeles flights.

Aeromexico FAQ

  1. What’s the web check-in window for Aeromexico?

    Web check-in is available for up to 48 hours prior to departure.

  2. How much is free baggage allowed on Aeromexico?

    Depending on your ticket price, your domestic flights include you bringing in a piece of luggage weighing up to 25 kgs. You may also pay for additional baggage weighing up to 20 kg or 25 kg. On international flights, you may bring check-in baggage up to 23 kgs.

  3. Does an infant need a separate seat on Aeromexico?

    A child up to the age of 2 years doesn’t need to book a seat. Such an infant should travel on an adult’s lap. If an adult is traveling with two such infants then a separate seat has to be booked for the second infant.

  4. Is online check-in mandatory for Aeromexico passengers?


  5. How many international destinations does Aeromexico cover?

    Aeromexico covers 100 destinations worldwide.

  6. What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Aeromexico?

    Aeromexico offers free messaging, Wi-Fi and streaming, movies, TV series and an on-board magazine for those interested in reading.

  7. Does Aeromexico allow pets in the cabin?

    Aeromexico will allow dogs or cats on flights that are less than 6 hrs in duration. Pets can be carried either in the carbon or as check-in luggage depending upon their size and weight.

  8. Does Aeromexico serve alcohol on board?

    Irrespective of your flight length, you will always get free drinks and after 11 am, alcoholic beverages as well.

  9. What is Aeromexico’s airline code?

    IATA code is AM, ICAO code is AMX and Airline Code is AEROMEXICO.

  10. What is the allowance for carrying alcohol on Aeromexico?

    Each passenger is allowed to transport up to 5 liters of total alcohol, irrespective of the number of bags. The labeling should indicate that the liquid doesn’t exceed 70% alcohol by volume. The bottle or container should be sealed and protected in a manner that liquids can get absorbed in the event of a container breakage during transport.

Aeromexico Customer Reviews

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