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Popular Eurowings International Flights

  • Eurowings


  • 02:40 Dubai
  • 07h 20m Non stop
  • 08:00 Cologne
  • check
  • Eurowings


  • 12:10 Cologne
  • 06h 25m Non stop
  • 08:35 Dubai
  • check
  • Eurowings


  • 06:40 Florence
  • 02h 05m Non stop
  • 08:45 Dusseldorf
  • check
  • Eurowings


  • 09:35 Dusseldorf
  • 02h 00m Non stop
  • 11:35 Florence
  • check
  • Eurowings


  • 02:55 Munich
  • 01h 30m Non stop
  • 04:25 Amsterdam
  • AED 910
  • Eurowings


  • 09:40 Dusseldorf
  • 01h 10m Non stop
  • 10:50 Zurich
  • check
  • Eurowings


  • 05:05 Amsterdam
  • 01h 25m Non stop
  • 06:30 Munich
  • AED 491
  • Eurowings


  • 12:40 Zurich
  • 01h 20m Non stop
  • 02:00 Dusseldorf
  • AED 392
  • Eurowings


  • 09:30 Vienna
  • 01h 30m Non stop
  • 11:00 Dusseldorf
  • AED 389
  • Eurowings


  • 06:05 Cologne
  • 01h 05m Non stop
  • 07:10 Munich
  • check

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Eurowings Airlines top sectors

Top international sectors of Eurowings include Florence to Dusseldorf , Dusseldorf to Florence , Munich to Amsterdam , Dusseldorf to Zurich

They also have occasional flights from Munich to Cologne, Dusseldorf to Vienna, Cologne to Munich, and Vienna to Dusseldorf flights.

Eurowings FAQ

  1. What’s the web check-in window for Eurowings Airlines?

    Eurowings Airlines passengers may use the mobile or web check-in facility from 72 hours up to 3 hours prior to their flight.

  2. What is the amount of free baggage that passengers can check-in for Eurowings Airlines?

    Eurowings Airlines offers 3 tiers for baggage allowance, depending on the kind of ticket you purchase. You may get 12 kgs, 23 kgs or 32 kgs depending on your ticket.

  3. Does an infant need a separate seat on Eurowings Airlines?

    Infants under 2 years don’t need a separate seat as they travel on an adult’s lap. Children may use a booster seat provided you have booked a separate seat for your child.

  4. Is online check-in mandatory for Eurowings Airlines passengers?

    No, web check-in is not compulsory for Eurowings Airlines passengers.

  5. How many international destinations do Eurowings Airlines cover?

    Eurowings covers 130 international destinations.

  6. What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Eurowings Airlines?

    On Eurowings Airlines flights, you may choose from a wide range of entertainment options with WingsEntertain and different internet packages with WingsConnect.

  7. Do Eurowings Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

    Small dogs and cats may be carried in a crate in the cabin on short and medium-haul flights. Animals aren’t allowed in the cabin on long haul flights.

  8. Does Eurowings Airlines serve alcohol on board?

    Eurowings Airlines serves a selection of beer and wine onboard.

  9. What is Eurowings Airlines airline code?

    Airline code - 104, IATA Designator - EW, ICAO Code - EWG.

  10. What is the allowance for carrying alcohol on Eurowings Airlines?

    Alcoholic beverages containing no more than 70% alcohol by volume, in quantities of around 5 litres may be checked-in by a single passenger on a Eurowings Airlines flight.

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